Technology upgrades GP Monaco 2018

Technology upgrades GP Monaco 2018
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M onaco is unique in terms of the route characteristics. The street circuit is not only the shortest route on the calendar but also the slowest - both in terms of average speed and top speeds. Engine power and air resistance only play a subordinate role. The only currency that counts here is downforce.

In the previous year, new T-wings could be seen on almost all cars, sprouting out of the fin on the bonnet. But the airbox sails were banned during the winter break for aesthetic reasons. This meant that the technicians had to find new ways to generate more contact pressure in the rear in order to improve traction and cornering stability.

Additional wing in the rear area

Red Bull had a new winglet on the rear wing support.

Force India chose a simple and not very creative solution. The T-wings that used to be mounted on the top of the bonnet were now simply screwed onto the lower end. And four in number. Usually there is only a single fin on the pink racing car.

Red Bull was also active in this area. Adrian Newey's design team added a small additional winglet to the rear wing support. The wing resembled a monkey seat, which is known to be banned this year. The component was not allowed to protrude as far as it used to.

Ferrari is converting rearview mirrors

The biggest headlines at the weekend, however, were an upgrade that was already known to be coming. Ferrari had to convert its rear-view mirrors by order of the FIA. A small additional fin in the upper area was uncomfortable for the referees in Barcelona. It was removed without further ado. The mirrorbut remained mounted on the Halo.

In the gallery we show you the individual upgrades again in detail.


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