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Technology upgrades GP Mexico 2018: Halo wings for more cooling

Technology upgrades GP Mexico 2018
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N ormally the upgrades are for this one manageable late in the season. But thanks to the special circumstances of the race in Mexico, the technicians are forced not to stop working on the discontinued models entirely. If you let go of the racing cars in the normal configuration at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, the fun would be over quickly.

The reason for the special loads that affect the technology is the thin mountain air. At 2,240 meters above sea level, the coolers work significantly less efficiently than in the races in the lowlands. In order to dissipate the heat from the brakes and the drivetrain as well as on normal routes, special aerodynamic packages are required.

g at the top of the airbox and a calmer air flow towards the rear. The small winglets were only fitted at the second attempt because they broke during a first test in Austin on Lewis Hamilton's car.

But the thinner air in Mexico resulted in less resistance and therefore less pressure on them filigree components. In addition, the Mercedes engineers attached the winglets a little more securely. And then you could reduce the opening in the rear a bit and release more engine power. With more horsepower and more downforce, Hamilton was able to finish third in qualifying, which seemed impossible after Friday practice.

In the gallery we not only show you the teams' special cooling packages, but also other interesting upgrades from the races in the USA and Mexico.


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