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Technology upgrades Australian GP 2018: Ferrari is upgrading

Technology upgrades GP Australia
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N There were only two weeks between the end the winter tests and the opening race. Not much time to analyze the test drive data and react to it with changes to the car. The packages for the start of the season were correspondingly small. Some teams didn't bring any upgrades at all, others even more.

Force India package delayed

It was especially worth taking a closer look at Force India. Rear wing, baffles, T-wings and rear brake scoops - all new! However, the large expansion stage was also urgently needed. The new parts should actually be screwed onto the car during the test drives. But lack of money prevented timely production.

The upgrades made the car faster, but not as much as hoped. Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon just missed the points. The technicians are confident, however, that the potential contained in the package can be teased in the next races. A new front wing will then also debut in Bahrain.

Ferrari tests experimental diffuser

The new Ferrari diffuser was only tried out briefly in training to collect data.

The engineers at Ferrari also experimented diligently in free practice. At the start of the Melbourne weekend, Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel moved out with different front wing versions. After analyzing the data, a clear favorite emerged. The car was already on the road with the model in Barcelona.

On Friday, a new diffuser variant was also tested, of which fortunately we were able to take a good picture. The new model, which is characterized by clearly recognizable changesreveals the outer corners, is somewhat reminiscent of the rear end of the Red Bull. As is well known, copying is part of the craft in Formula 1.

Mercedes without upgrades

The competition from Ferrari remained suspiciously quiet in Australia . As previously announced by the technicians, Mercedes did not bring any new parts. At Red Bull, only a new rear-view mirror model could be seen from the outside. The mirrors were moved further forward. The fortifications had to be enlarged. Unfortunately, we do not know whether the conversion was made to improve visibility or for aerodynamic reasons.

In the gallery we show you once again the most important technology upgrades from the Australian GP /div>


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