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Technology updates USA + Mexico: Ferrari modified for free

Technology updates GP USA + GP Mexico 2017
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M an can't fault Ferrari, technically Not having invested everything in winning the title. For the double strike in the USA and a week later in Mexico, the Italian team modified the SF70-H in some details. The end plates were adapted on the front wing. A small bridge grew on the outer corner. In addition, the technicians equipped the red car with small metal fins on the crash structure and a new diffuser.

The new end piece of the underbody is a modification of the version that Ferrari had already tried in the test drives after the Hungarian GP . Sebastian Vettel also worked with the new front suspension that first adorned the red racing car in Belgium.

In principle it was a wasted effort. Ferrari finally lost the most important trophies to Mercedes on the America trip. First the team championship, then the driver's title. Despite the defeat, however, the fact remains that Ferrari was able to keep up with the development race for the first time in a long time.

McLaren's new front wing works

Red Bull made a huge leap over the season. In Austin and Mexico updates are said to have come back to the RB13. They stayed in the invisible area, but made the dark blue car a candidate for victory. In Mexico, Max Verstappen implemented it with the third win of the season for Red Bull.

In midfield, Force India is working tirelessly on the VJM10. This time there was a new sub-floor and new bargeboards. Renault for its part countered with revised bargeboards and a new diffuser. It did not help. In terms of speed, the yellow-black racing cars in the hands of Nico Hülkenberg and Carlos Sainz were almost on a par with the Force Indias. But there is a lack of stability.


McLaren wants to be at the top again in 2018. SizeHopes are placed in the Renault V6 engine. In terms of aerodynamics, McLaren seems well positioned anyway. In Austin, the mechanics screwed a new front wing onto Fernando Alonso's car. It worked, although the changes are apparently of a minor nature. However, the new wing allows the baffles under the car and the underbody to work better. The development is already aimed at the next season. Stoffel Vandoorne has to be patient. McLaren failed to build two copies.

HaasF1 wanted to do particularly well in his home race and fell on his face. The upgrade package did not have the desired effect. Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean did comparison tests in Mexico. Magnussen got the new aerodynamics on the car, Grosjean the old one. Both were practically equally quick in qualifying. Either the setup with the new parts does not fit yet or the wind tunnel duped the engineers.

In our photo show we show you the technology updates from the USA and Mexico.


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