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Technology update Abu Dhabi: McLaren copies Red Bull front wing

Abu Dhabi technology update
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M cLaren wrote off the year 2014. In the coming season, the traditional team from Woking wants to get off to a full start with new partner Honda. The basis for the upturn is to be laid this year. After the successful shakedown with the new engine on Friday (November 16, 2014) in Silverstone, the V6 unit is expected to cover more kilometers on the two test days after the season finale in Abu Dhabi to Woking

The engine is just a construction site. The technicians also have to work on the aerodynamics. Because the deficits in the chassis were recognized early on, McLaren hired ex-Red Bull aerodynamicist Peter Prodromou. Adrian Newey's former right-hand man was allowed to start work in Woking in September. The first result can be seen just two months later.

McLaren arrived in Abu Dhabi with a large aero update package. The parts should be tried out during training and on the test days and provide valuable information for the coming season. In addition to new rear brake ventilation and new baffles, the upgrade also includes a new front wing. The first look at the component during the technical acceptance amazed observers. The new McLaren front wing is practically a 1: 1 copy of the current front wing from Red Bull.

McLaren wing resembles Red Bull in structure and shape

The structure of the cascade element is practical identical. A three-part element on the outside is separated from the two-part inner part by a vertical fin. The lower part of the wing consists of 5 parts. The top flap is slit again on the outside of both McLaren and Red Bull. There is the greatest agreement with the end plate. The Red Bull concept has been completely copied here. The new version has practically nothing in common with the old McLaren front wing.

The fact that the rear brake ventilation has also been modified is a consequence of the new front wing. It determines the aerodynamics of the entire car. The two widely spaced parts work together aerodynamically and must therefore be coordinated with one another.

In our picture gallery we compare the old with the new McLaren wing. And we show the amazing similarities to the Red Bull counterpart.


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