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Technology trouble from Spielberg: Mercedes changes Bottas engine

Technology trouble from Spielberg
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S victories and defeats in motorsport often depend on little things . So also at the Austrian GP. Lewis Hamilton stumbled upon a penny defect. A metal clip inside the fuel pump fell off. This blocked the pump tappet.

At Valtteri Bottas' work, the leak lodged in a hydraulic line that runs through the steering column. A defect that has never occurred before. But also damage that could have consequences. The engine ran too hot in the last few kilometers before the breakdown.

The engine technicians in Brixworth examined the engine throughout Friday to see whether the 45 seconds of falling hydraulic pressure had harmed it. The decision has now been made. Engine number 2 will compete in Friday practice. Then he has to get out and engine number 3 goes into the car.

The risk of qualifying and racing with a possibly damaged engine is too great. Engine number 2 then comes back in free practice in Hockenheim. The two days of training are intended to provide the engineers with additional information as to whether the engine might be able to run a race again later. The use of the third engine for the GP England is not punishable. But at some point in the last third of the season the Finns will be punished. Then when Mercedes ignites the Spec 3 stage.

Problem with the clamp from the 3D printer

For Daniel Ricciardo, Spielberg ended prematurely.

There is also the reverse story. Max Verstappen was very lucky in his victory in Austria. The same thing would almost have happened to him as team-mate Daniel Ricciardo in the race or to himself in third practice when he suddenly got upthe track rolled out. The engine switched off, the display went out.

The problem was an exhaust clamp that Red Bull had printed out on a 3D printer. She had too much play. At high engine speeds, the exhaust vibrated so hard that a crack formed. The hot exhaust gases have then boiled the wiring harness in the area of ​​the transmission soft. That meant the gearshift was dead.

When Ricciardo rolled out on the 54th lap, Verstappen immediately received the order not to rev the engine that high. That cost 3 tenths per lap. The telemetry data showed that a similar calamity was brewing in the rear of the Red Bull with the number 33.

New engine for Hülkenberg

Nico Hülkenberg was also lucky in the misfortune. The broken turbine wheel in the turbocharger damaged the engine, but not the MGU-H. The German gets a new turbocharger and a new engine for the GP England. In both cases the third unit. If the MGU-H had also been hit, a penalty would have been due. Hülkenberg has already used three of them. Even the ninth place in the World Cup knows: at some point he will be punished.


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