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Technology regulations 2021: New cars arrive a year later

Changes to the technical regulations for 2021
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D he Formula 1 fans currently have a lot to do Bring patience. The start of the season has now officially been postponed until June. In addition, those responsible agreed in a conference call on Thursday (March 19) that, contrary to original plans, there will be no new cars in 2021.

The technical regulations that should be introduced in the coming season, will therefore be postponed by one year to 2022. It is not yet entirely clear to what extent the cars for the coming season will match the current models. To save money, some teams are demanding that as many components as possible have to be homologated this year. These are unlikely to be changed in 2021.

So far, it is only clear that the chassis will end up on the list of frozen elements. A group of experts consisting of engineers from the teams and the FIA ​​should clarify in more detail which components still have to be carried over into the new season.

The current cars will be used for another season.

More Measures to reduce costs?

The reason for the short-term changes to the technology plans is the current corona crisis. By eliminating races, the teams are threatened with drastic revenue reductions. With these measures, those responsible are trying to counteract the cost side. Above all, the elimination of the double development of the new cars should save the teams a lot of money.

In addition, the cost ceiling will be introduced next year, which, in contrast to the technical rules, will not be postponed. Teams only have $ 175 million a year to spend. However, it is also in the specificationsstill a lot of exceptions that drive up the budget.

As the FIA ​​writes in a press release, the representatives of the world association, together with the rights holders and the teams, want to look for further ways to reduce costs in the coming season. Above all, this should relieve the small teams.

The relocation of the new cars, which is supported by all teams, must now be approved by the FIA ​​World Council, but it is only a formality.


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