Technology highlights USA / Mexico 2015

Technology highlights USA /Mexico 2015
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Höhenluft forces to renovate

N ormally, no major technology updates are to be expected at this time of year. The award of the world title was practically decided during the summer break. Most engineers have long been thinking about the car for the 2016 season. But then technology fans in Austin and Mexico City got their money's worth.

Especially the thin mountain air at the comeback race in Mexico made changes. The engine and brake cooling caused quite a bit of headache for the technician. The cars were opened more at the rear. Additional air inlets brought air under the hood.

Aero updates at McLaren, Ferrari & Force India

Some teams also brought even larger aerodynamic packages. McLaren had a new front wing and a new underbody for Austin in their luggage. At Ferrari there was a new front wing with baffles. And Force India traveled to the Perez home game with a new rear wing and retouching of the front wheel carriers.

In our gallery we not only show you the updates but also some interesting technical pictures that we have seen in the last 2 Could shoot races.


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