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Technique trick Underbody slots: the secret of the slots

Technique trick sub-floor slots
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R ed Bull has started with it. Two years ago, the base plate in front of the rear wheels showed lateral slits. The slots in the bottom are there to create swirl braids. They are needed to seal the side of the diffuser against the turbulence that is generated by the rotating rear tires near the ground.

Slits in the underbody help the diffuser

The better that succeeds, the more ground clearance on the rear axle you can afford. And that brings contact pressure. The downforce is not entirely free. The heavy use of the car increases air resistance. It doesn't matter on slow routes like Monte Carlo, Budapest and Singapore. A good middle ground has to be found in Suzuka.

More and more teams are following the principle of Red Bull designer Adrian Newey of turning the car back on. Of course, the sister team Toro Rosso. McLaren and Force India, because former Red Bull aerodynamicists defected.

Ferrari wants to copy Red Bull

Mercedes and Ferrari belong to the other camp. The employment of their cars is moderate. The difference in the rear ground clearance can be up to 50 millimeters compared to Red Bull.

Ferrari apparently wants to turn around in 2016. The experiment with 9 instead of 3 slots in the floor was a success in Singapore. The increase in the number of slots indicated that Ferrari wants to drive higher in the rear with this method.

In our gallery we show you the different solutions of the teams.


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