Technical updates GP Spain 2015

Technical updates GP Spain 2015
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3 weeks have passed since the last race in Bahrain. The engineers had enough time to analyze the performance from the start of the season and to eradicate the weaknesses. Many of the update packages for Barcelona are planned well in advance. As every year, the engineers marked the start of Europe in red on their calendar.

The teams have announced general improvements. As always, there is not much specific information in advance. The secrets of the innovations will only be revealed when the cars go to the technical inspection on Thursday or roll out of the garage on Friday during the first training session. But we have already collected some initial information and rumors.


Mercedes is doing the same as always a big secret to advancement. The new front wing is said to have been modified again. Before the Spanish GP, hands were also put on the underbody. There are also new fins on the side of the cockpit.


Ferrari has held back this season so far with updates. The Italians really hit it in Barcelona. There is a new underbody with a modified diffuser, slimmer side boxes, new barge boards and a new rear wing. Sebastian Vettel will do a comparison test with the old and new parts in free practice.

Red Bull:

We expect the biggest step from Red Bull. It has now been confirmed that the new short one Nose has passed the FIA ​​crash test - in its fourth attempt. The guide plates behind it are also connected to the nose. The whole package should bring a progress of at least half a second.


Also Williams chief engineer Rob Smedley has announced a bigger package for Barcelona. On Thursday in Barcelona new Finns could be seen on the side box. Williams will also try to use the hood, which is tightly closed at the back, for the first time in the race. Until now it has only been tried in free practice. With the higher temperatures in Barcelona, ​​that's a challenge.


As with Red Bull, a new nose was also planned for Lotus. But the front end did not pass the crash test. It should now make its debut with a new front wing at the Canadian GPto celebrate. But even without the nose there are new parts in Spain: There is a new rear wing, new rear brake scoops and new front wing end plates.

Toro Rosso:

A new nose is also being planned for Toro Rosso. Apparently she's not ready for the Spanish GP. An FIA crash test planned for Barcelona has been canceled. The last time the car was in Bahrain was a new engine panel. The pace wasn't great though. The greatest progress will probably be in the engine - when Renault finally gets going as promised.


At McLaren, too, one looks at the engine engineers. Honda has announced a step forward. Contrary to the first rumors, however, no tokens should be consumed. Thus the updates may only be carried out within the framework of reliability, software and fuel. McLaren also wants to go one step further when it comes to chassis. What exactly is planned has not yet been revealed. So far it is only known that there is a new paint job for Barcelona. The chrome-silver should be replaced by a gray.


Also tried with limited financial means Keeping clean in the development race. The new front wing last had to be repacked in Bahrain. The old model is used again in Barcelona. But with new baffles on the side box.

Force India:

At Force India they are still waiting for the big one Update. The B version will probably not come in Austria as hoped, but only in Silverstone. Before that, only the small things will be further developed. A new front axle was supposed to come, but the brake manufacturer could not supply the right brake calipers. The hydro-pneumatic rear suspension is also delayed. Both will be tested at the earliest on the test days following the race.


At Manor one tries to somehow get through the season with limited financial means. Up until now, the supply of spare parts has been more important than updates. Team boss John Booth announced a 'small aerodynamics update' for Barcelona. The fans of the backbench team shouldn't expect too much.

In our gallery we once again show the latest updates from the races in China and Bahrain.


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