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Technical updates GP Japan: Alfa practices for 2023

Japanese GP 2022

Alfa-Sauber had recently fallen behind. The C42 has only been developed in detail since the Spanish GP. In Suzuka, the Swiss racing team struck with a new nose and front wing. Both are already an anticipation of the 2023 car.

Suzuka only offered narrow fare on the upgrade stage. That was to be expected at an overseas race a week after the Singapore GP. Those who had enough new parts have already used them in Singapore. McLaren was only able to complete one kit of its major upgrade for the night race. The second for Daniel Ricciardo was unpacked at Suzuka.

Ferrari didn't want to use its underbody modifications on a race track where accidents are always to be expected. The evolution of the floor, which has been modified in detail at the front and rear, shows more impact on a track like Suzuka. In total, only five teams have registered new parts with the FIA. Alpha Tauri presented a new rear wing, Aston Martin a smaller beam wing and Williams a slimmer engine cowling.

Alfa-Sauber brought the biggest upgrade with them. The nose and front wing are completely new. The wing was changed in all four elements. The connection to the nose is also different. Because the nose is shorter, Sauber had to go to the crash test. Part 2 of the upgrade follows with a modified underbody in Austin. The Swiss racing team expects a significant step forward with the show of strength. It's also a preview of the 2023 car.

Here is our rundown of Suzuka's upgrades:


  • Underbody: Small front and rear geometry changes to stabilize downforce.
  • Alpha Tauri

  • Rear wing: The main element was modified in the connection to the end plate at the front and provided with a cutout at the back. Increases downforce.
  • Aston Martin

  • Lower wing: The beam wing flap has been reduced in size. This slightly reduced drag at the expense of downforce. The wing is specially designed for tracks like Suzuka.
  • Williams

  • Engine Cover: A slimmer and smaller fairing reduces drag.
  • Alfa-Sauber

  • Front wing, nose: The front wing is new in all elements. The connection to the nose, which is shorter, has also changed. It should significantly improve the aerodynamics of the C42.

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