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Technical data: The secret dimensions of the F1 cars

Stefan Baldauf
Wheelbase, length, angle of attack
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W ie long, how wide, how high is a Formula 1 car? How big is the wheelbase? Up until 20 years ago there was a simple answer to these questions. The teams provided the measurements when they presented a new car. But then came the moment when a sport became a business case. From then on everything was kept secret.

Technical data of the F1 cars can be calculated

Actually, it's absurd. In the past you could really have kept something secret when playing hide and seek. But since the advent of computers and digital photography, it has been pretty easy to calculate the dimensions from a photo.

All you need is a known size, photos of the exact same position and the appropriate algorithm. The reference point is the tire. We know from him that the diameter is 660 millimeters.

Of course, the teams know each other exactly what the dimensions of the competing products are. So they might as well announce as before. The fact that they don't have a lot to do with the paranoia that is rampant in Formula 1.

HaasF1 identical in terms of dimensions with Ferrari

We compared 10 cars this season. The HaasF1 is missing because its dimensions are exactly the same as the Ferrari. It is noticeable that the Renault, with an overall length of 5,207 millimeters and a wheelbase of 3,638 millimeters, is the longest car in the money. The counterpart is the Force India. It is 'only' 4,966 millimeters long and has a wheelbase of 3,412 millimeters.

Mercedes and Ferrari are razor-thin at 5,067 mm and 5,057 mm (length) and 3,500 mm and 3,494 mm (wheelbase) respectively. The Red Bull is 4,982 millimeters overall length and 3,432 millimeters wheelbase on the shorter side.

If you compare the values ​​with the previous year, it is noticeable that Mercedes has stretched the wheelbase by almost 6 centimeters and Ferrari has shortened it by 14 millimeters . The engine moved forward and the transmission became more compact.

Red Bull, McLaren and Force India extremely busy

The opposite are the Mercedes, Renault and Sauber that are only angled by 1.0 degrees. Ferrari and Williams are in between with 1.4 degrees. In our gallery we show you the images that formed the starting point for calculating the data.



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