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Technical analysis: Formula 1 generation 2010: The new Formula 1 cars in comparison

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Technology analysis: Formula 1 generation 2010
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N new Formula 1 season, new formula 1 cars. The never-ending development race in the premier class was once again taken to extremes during the winter break. Anyone who would have thought that the cars would hardly differ in the second year after the great rule revolution was mistaken during the first test drives. The 2010 F1 generation has many exciting solutions to offer both aerodynamically and technically.

Ferrari F10 : Ferrari has improved aerodynamically with the new F10 somewhat oriented towards last year's Red Bull. The nose moved upwards and now also has two lateral humps in front of the cockpit. Due to the larger tank, the stern stretches out. But the most interesting thing is the technology under the carbon shell. Experts suspect that Ferrari installed its V8 engine in the rear at an angle of a few degrees in order to offer the double diffuser more space.

Mercedes GP MGP W01 : The world champion car from the The previous year is hardly recognizable. It wasn't just the paintwork that changed. The wheelbase of the new Schumi-Mobil is extremely short. The height of the airbox is extremely low. In order to maintain the minimum vehicle height, the designers had to put a fin on the roof. Other interesting features are the strongly angled nose and the conventionally mounted exterior mirrors on the cockpit wall.

Red Bull RB6 : At first glance, the new Red Bull RB6 disappointed a little. You always expect something revolutionary from a star designer like Adrian Newey. With the extreme RB5, Red Bull set the bar very high in 2009. The often copied bumps on the nose are even more pronounced on the successor. The fin on the bonnet has also grown again. As with Ferrari, the special highlight could be the engine positioning. In contrast to the Italians, however, the engine as a whole should be slightly higher in order to create space for the air duct in the rear.

McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 : At the glance On the new McLaren MP4-25, the eyes always wander first over the huge engine cover, which now extends like a silver sail up to the rear wing. The high nose, which extends flat like an ironing board from the tip to the edge of the cockpit, is also extraordinary. From a bird's eye view you can also see that the rear tapers very early behind the driver and reveals a lot of floor slab in front of the rear wheels. https://topgear-autoguide.com/formel-1/formel-1-renault-r30-entwicklung-in-stufen/'>Renault R30 : The new Renault looks very clumsy at first glance. The slightly changed chubby nose did not win any beauty contests last year. In terms of concept, the French are pursuing a completely different strategy than the competition. The car is by far the shortest in the field. The enlarged tank made the car grow not in length, but in width. The new season has to show whether the aero concept with the sweeping stern will work. Renault tried to go its own way as early as 2009 - unsuccessfully.

Sauber C29 : The new Sauber model is the stark opposite of the Renault R30. No other new generation car is as long as the black and white company car of Pedro de la Rosa and Kamui Kobyashi. Other special features: no other model has the nose so high up and no competitor has the side pods cut so deeply from below. The wheel design of the Swiss is also unique.

Williams FW32 : The new Williams is the spearhead of Cosworth. The traditional English racing team is the only one of the established teams to rely on the engines of the F1 returnees in 2010. It is not yet possible to say how well the car is going. During the first tests, the pilots had to reduce the speed for safety reasons. In terms of aerodynamics, the FW32 is based on the previous year's Red Bull. The nose is higher and flatter than on the predecessor, the rear section is significantly lower in order to better flow to the lower part of the rear wing. Special feature: The outlets for the exhaust were integrated far to the outside into the flat part of the bonnet and not inside as with the other teams.

Force India VJM03 : The Force At first glance, India is reminiscent of the previous year's model. Not without reason: Above all, the engineers wanted to keep the good aerodynamics in order toto shine again on the fast routes. With an equally good air resistance, however, the downforce should be increased in order to be more competitive on the other slopes. Special feature: In no other team is the front wing so detailed.

Toro Rosso STR5 : The new Toro Rosso is a premiere for the small team from Faenza. For the first time Team boss Franz Tost's team had to design the car themselves and could not rely on the development of sister company Red Bull. As expected, the result was a rather conservative litter, which is based on the last stage of development of the previous year. The biggest difference to the 2009 model is the nose, whose side bulges are now even more pronounced.

Virgin VR01 : At Virgin, development was entirely based on computer technology. Instead of going the conventional route through the wind tunnel, aerodynamics boss Nick Wirth had the air flows simulated with computationally intensive CFD programs. The result is an interesting concept that clearly stands out from the rest of the field. The nose bends significantly at the level of the front axle and is reminiscent of a Concorde approaching for landing. Another special feature is the very flat tail, which amazed even Virgin pilot Timo Glock at first sight.

Lotus T127 : Lotus was the last team to present its new racing car for the coming season. A glance at the T127 brings back memories of the Toyota from last year. No wonder: three project managers from Lotus Development used to work in Cologne. In addition to the traditional paintwork, the short nose and the small bumps on the front are particularly eye-catching. Since Lotus was the last team to get its F1 license three months after the other newcomers, there wasn't much time for new developments. Until the start of the season, some major updates are to be added that have not yet been completed due to lack of time.


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