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Tech upgrades Spa & amp; Monza: F1 aerodynamics are extreme

Technology upgrades Spa & Monza
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F he two power routes are for technology fans Always a very special treat in Spa-Francorchamps and Monza. In order to achieve high top speeds on the long straights, the engineers always build the flattest wing variants on the cars throughout the season. Those who enter here with the standard package will be easy prey for the competition because of the high air resistance on the full-throttle passages.

Flat wings and new mirrors

Red Bull not only showed extreme wings but also an extreme mirror design.

As in previous years, Red Bull had screwed the most extreme wings onto his car this time. The designers around Adrian Newey try again and again desperately to compensate for the horsepower deficit of the Renault drive. That worked out reasonably well this year. As expected, they couldn't keep up with Mercedes and Ferrari, but in Spa, after poor qualifying in the race, Max Verstappen at least overtook the Haas and Force India cars.

In addition to the wings, Red Bull also had the exterior mirrors worth a closer look. As with Ferrari and the sister team Toro Rosso, the aerodynamicists let the air flow through a double-walled mirror housing. The air flow is deflected so cleverly that the flow is better against the rear and downforce is generated more efficiently.

Mercedes drives new rims

Mercedes drove new rims and a new front wing.

Mercedes didn't have it either only to discover new low-downforce wings. The Silver Arrow had also been fitted with new rear wheels. The new rims with the characteristic green Petronas ring have many small dents on the inside. They artificially increase the surface area, which means that the heat from the brakes is better dissipated to the outside.

Exceptionally, however, the largest expansion stages did not ignite the top teams, but rather midfield rivals HaasF1, Renault and McLaren. All three teams had traveled to Belgium and Italy with new front and rear wings and new underbody. As always, we will show you what the changes looked like in detail using detailed before-and-after pictures in the gallery.


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