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Tech update: Force India shows radical nose design

Technology update
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W hen you think you've seen everything in Formula 1 , then the engineers suddenly come around the corner with new ideas. Force India's new nose is such an example. In contrast to the stub or surfboard variants of the competition, the technicians opted for a solution with 2 noticeable holes in the front.

New Force India nose with holes

Almost the update remained undetected. When the track in Spielberg slowly dried up after the lunch break, the VJM 08 had still installed the old version. But shortly before the end of the session, which had been extended by 2 hours, the mechanics screwed the new variant with a new front wing and baffles onto the car. With sensors under their noses, the engineers collected the first aero data.

The unusual look evoked different reactions on social networks. Many F1 fans are happy that Force India has come up with an individual solution. Others compared the design to a duck beak or a USB plug. Some wondered whether the solution is legal.

Wind tunnel data promise significant progress

This question can we answer: the nose is legal. She had passed the necessary FIA crash test on the second attempt. The regulations have no objection to the two holes. It remains to be seen whether the flow through the front section really works as planned by the engineers. It is well known that an idiosyncratic solution is not always good.

The data from the wind tunnel and the simulations promise a big step forward. The engineers are careful, however. Nico H├╝lkenberg also commented cautiously on the Austria weekend: 'I prefer to wait and see before making any announcements. It looks good, but let's wait and see what progress is made on the track.'

The new nose is by the way no shorter in length than the old one. But that could change soon. According to the latest development plans, the front end should be refined after the summer break. The second big update step of the season will follow at the Belgian GP.

New front wing in Red Bull design

The proximity to Red Bull could not be a coincidence. An aerodynamicist from Milton Keynes moved to Force India during the winter break. The new man in the design office is said to have brought some new ideas with him, which have now flowed into the new, radically changed aero concept.

In our gallery we show you the first picture of the new Force India nose, the comparison with the old model and the versions of the competition.


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