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Teams under pressure: winter break is getting shorter

Teams under pressure
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E s would have been the latest start of the season in 28 years. The Australian GP was originally scheduled for April 3rd. The last season started so late in 1988. At that time, the starting shot was also given on April 3rd. With the Brazilian GP in Rio. But the late start of the season is already wasted. The FIA ​​World Council announced at its meeting on September 30th that Melbourne was moving two weeks forward to March 20th.

This means that the teams also have to agree on new test dates. Originally they were scheduled for March 1st to 4th and March 15th to 18th 2016 in Barcelona. Now it starts in February. The teams apparently agreed on February 22nd as the start of the first week of testing. The second four-day test starts on the original first date on March 1st.

There are now only 4 days between the two test drives. The teams originally had 11 days between the two test drives in order to have enough time to produce new parts and the first upgrades. Especially in the early days the spare parts warehouse is only sparsely filled.

Teams have to produce faster

On July 1st, the teams work towards March 1st as the start of the test. On this day, the FIA ​​published the first calendar, with April 3rd as the start of the season. The teams now have a lot of work to do. Planning a Formula 1 car is a jigsaw puzzle with a tight schedule and usually little room for delay. Especially with components that are cross-country skiers like the chassis and the gearbox.

The new Haas F1 racing team is making this experience for the first time. Team boss Guenther Steiner admits that the troops are now facing a big task: 'All schedules were set for March 1st as the start of the test. Now we have to somehow gain time and rewrite our production plans.' Steiner himself is an old hand in the business. He knows Formula 1 from his time at Red Bull and Jaguar.

Accordingly, he is relaxed about the new schedule: 'Now we have to go over our plans and find out where there could be a fire. I would now say that 50 percent of the parts are no problem, 30 percent have to be rescheduled and 20 percent burn. '

Good for HaasF1: Many parts come from Ferrari. In Maranello they know how to deal with such problems. But one thing is also clear: 'TheTime pressure will all cost more money. '

No third cars in Melbourne

For Plan B of Formula 1 However, the postponed start of the season is bad news. If Red Bull really pulls out with 2 teams and the rest have to think about using a third car, then it will certainly not take place in the first third of the season. Time is too short for the corresponding parts production.


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