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Tactical check GP Brazil 2016: Red Bull risks for a chance to win

Tactical check GP Brazil 2016
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D he GP Brazil was pure chaos. It lasted three hours and one minute, was led by the safety car five times and 31 laps, and rested twice for a total of 62 minutes. The constant irrigation from above increased, sometimes slightly, which made the condition of the track just good enough for intermediates and just not good enough for mixed tires.

That was exactly the problem for the strategists. “There were enough opportunities to go wrong. In truth, it was difficult to estimate how long the rain tire would last because it was relatively warm despite the rain. It was also difficult to gauge the likelihood of red flags and safety cars. And from what amount of water and temperature the intermediate would suddenly increase dramatically, ”said Mercedes.

de played. Anyone with worn tires ran an increasing risk of aquaplaning. And in Turn 12 you lost a lot of traction with worn tires. Still, Max's drive was terrific. Just how he overtook Ricciardo and Vettel. Those were two first-class maneuvers, 'admitted the Mercedes strategists.

Vettel's problem was Carlos Sainz

Ferrari lost Kimi Räikkönen's car early in an accident. Sebastian Vettel's switch to intermediates after his high-speed spin had no consequences because the interruptions gave him the opportunity to switch back to rain tires and trim the chassis for rain. Mercedes did the same.

Vettel lost a possible podium because he was stuck behind Carlos Sainz for too long. He was 15 laps behind the Spaniard. It only took Verstappen one lap and the Toro Rosso was in the rearview mirror. When Vettel passed Sainz and was finally able to drive his pace, his rain tires also got back up to temperature. The last two race laps were his fastest.


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