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Tactical check GP Abu Dhabi: A team against Hamilton

Tactical check GP Abu Dhabi 2016
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E s was a race like Formula 1 has rarely seen. The front runner is deliberately driving slowly. Because he wants to try everything to become world champion. To do this, his opponent has to finish fourth. Since the Mercedes are once again vastly superior, this is only possible if Lewis Hamilton strolls at the top. And Nico Rosberg dies a thousand deaths because there are cars behind him that could endanger his World Cup mission. In the first stint it was Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Räikkönen, in the third Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen.

en. In the case of Max Verstappen, this was an imperative. He stroked his supersoft tires up to lap 21. A masterpiece when you consider that he had to overtake 7 colleagues and defend himself against Rosberg for laps.

Marcus Ericsson did it the other way round. He lasted 38 laps on the soft tires, only to rely on super soft soles in the end. The tactical coup brought the Swede from 22nd to 15th. He came ahead of Felipe Nasr, who started before him but changed tires twice. However, the Brazilian lost 8 seconds in the second pit stop due to a front wing swap. At the finish he was 5.3 seconds behind Ericsson.


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