Sutil Trial: Lewis Hamilton Subpoenaed

Sutil process
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N nine months after the fateful night in Shanghai, Adrian Sutil finally wants one Put an end to the dispute with Renault co-owner Eric Lux. Back then, the Formula 1 driver injured his opponent in an argument with a champagne glass in the neck. How exactly the cut came about is now to be clarified by the Munich district court.

Sutil is still hoping for an acquittal. His most important asset is a highly anticipated video recording from the surveillance camera from the 'Mint' night club, where the dispute took place late on April 17th.

Lewis Hamilton could also play an important role in the decision-making process. As various media reports unanimously, the English McLaren driver has been summoned as a witness. The two befriended drivers already know each other from Formula 3 times and were celebrating together in the nightclub when the incident occurred. Since the letter from Munich had not yet reached the Englishman on Friday (January 20th), McLaren did not want to comment on it at the moment.

Will Hamilton appear in court?

Die The question is whether Hamilton even appears in Munich to make his statement. However, Hamilton had always stated that he wanted to cooperate in the case. It is ready to help when it comes to clarifying the matter. One can only hope for Sutil that Hamilton will not change his mind and that an important date suddenly comes up.

Incidentally, the presentation of the new McLaren car is scheduled for February 1st, i.e. directly after the Negotiation scheduled for two days. If Hamilton actually does not respond to the summons, he could be prosecuted by the authorities on his next trip to Germany. As is well known, that would be the case at the latest at the race in Hockenheim in July.

Sutil hopes to be acquitted

The verdict of the court proceedings is to be announced immediately after the hearing. The outcome is so far completely open. Sutil is hoping for an acquittal. A fine for negligent bodily harm would also be conceivable. In the worst case, the judge follows the prosecution's original order of punishment, which provided a suspended sentence for aggravated assault.


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