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Super yachts at the Monaco GP: who has the longest yacht?

Super yachts at the Monaco GP
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W hen it's in Formula 1 in the streets of Monaco is about millimeters and hundredths of a second, then yacht owners measure each other in length - their boats, of course. The word 'boat' is almost an insulting expression for the magnificent castles on the water. Nothing is missing on the luxury steamers.

Kimi Räikkönen has his 'Iceman' yacht with her

If you travel to Monaco for the Grand Prix in your own yacht, you of course also have your own staff on board to show the gem in Keep shot. The largest ships also compete for tourist attention. However, it is also more difficult to find a parking space in the cramped harbor of Monte Carlo. The seats in the first row with a view of the track are particularly popular.

Formula 1 driver Kimi Räikkönen shouldn't care much about the view of the track. He gets to see her enough. That's why he parked his black 'Iceman', which could be personally designed by Batman, in the second row right next to the paddock. So he doesn't have to walk that far if he wants to celebrate with his Finnish buddies.

Force India with yacht downgrade

Vijay Mallya, team owner of Force India, does not mix with them for once over 95 meters long 'Indian Empress' with. It has always been the scene of wild parties in recent years. In view of his financially troubled Formula 1 team, it would have been the wrong signal to travel to the luxury steamer. Instead, you have a shrunk version with you. Only a few meters from the Force India boat, Flavio Briatore parks his 'Force Blue'. It is more of a cruise ship than a yacht.

This time, Red Bull is not only showing the usual speed boat shuttles, but also a sailing yacht. There Eddie Jordan relaxed in the sun on Friday afternoon (May 22, 2015). Stratospheric jumper Felix Baumgartner also sailed around the port of Monaco in a mini-yacht and was accompanied by his girlfriend Mihaela.

The owners also show a lot of creativity in the naming. From a simple 'Emma' to a mysterious 'Mister M.' Everything is included up to 'Slow'. In our gallery we show you the yachts from Monaco up close.


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