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Strategy group discussed: Ecclestone wants simpler rules

Strategy group votes on rule reform
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L have you heard nothing more from the strategy group? On November 16, another big topic is on the agenda: At the request of Mercedes and Red Bull, the overtaking rules should disappear. So free travel for the pilots. The teams also want clear rules for leaving the track. The decision on whether the driver will be punished or not should no longer be in the hands of the stewards. Better gravel beds than asphalt or artificial harassment like in Monza, Sochi or Montreal.

b the sport needs an overtaking rule. “On the one hand the sport is getting more and more complicated, on the other hand there are regular requests to simplify the rules. Of course, we could cover the overtaking problem with a rule. For example: The drivers have to drive safely. ”

But what would the consequence be, Whiting wonders? “The drivers would then keep asking us what it means to drive safely. Can we do this, is that allowed? In response to this, the rules become extensive and more precise. This is a natural process, because the drivers naturally try to test every rule to the limit and use it to their advantage. I don't see any chance of simplifying the rules again, because that's how it has evolved over the last 20 years. ”


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