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Sponsoring expert: Vettel will advance into the top tier of advertising

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What makes Sebastian Vettel interesting for potential sponsors - maybe even more interesting than Michael Schumacher?
M arcel Cordes: Sebastian Vettel is the youngest Formula 1 world champion of all time. Nobody can take this great attribute away from him. In addition to the success, he also appears very personable in public. This is of course exciting for companies. In the public perception, however, the contours are still missing to a certain extent. Michael Schumacher has these contours. The public has a clear idea of ​​what attributes he stands for. That still has Schumacher Vettel ahead.

Which sponsor clientele does Vettel particularly appeal to?
Cordes: Because Vettel's image is still relatively flat, there is no brand for me that is predestined for him from the start. Sebastian Vettel is also very strongly associated with Red Bull, which every personal sponsor has to take into account. With a detailed analysis of Sebastian Vettel's own corporate goals and personality, there will of course be companies for which a partnership with him makes a lot of sense.

To what extent has the advertising and sponsorship environment for Vettel im Changed compared to the first great Schumacher years?
Cordes: The sports business landscape in this country has become incredibly professional in the past 15 years. Today most companies have sport on their radar with its sponsorship opportunities. That was different 15 years ago. In addition, today it is decided very professionally whether a sport or an athlete suits the company.

He does not have his own manager. Can what is in store for him, more or less alone, at all?
Cordes: Obviously, a manager is not a must for success in sport. For the marketing of the Vettel testimonial, however, I am sure that a professional agency could significantly advance the positioning and thus the revenues in the advertising and sponsorship market.

Can he once put German sports icons like Boris Becker, Steffi Graf or Schumacher in the shade in terms of advertising?
Cordes: With this world championship he will advance to the top ranks of German athletes in advertising. The top German earners among athletes earn money from advertisingbetween 2 and 5 million euros annually. Whether he has what it takes to leave her behind and catch up with Michael Schumacher is completely open. Michael Schumacher is the only German athlete who is not a national, but a global advertising face. At peak times, he even earned well over 10 million euros per year with his advertising partners. For such top international status as Schumacher, Federer or Woods embody, Sebastian Vettel actually has to win the world championship more than once.


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