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Sound of the Mercedes F1 engine for 2014: The video

Sound of the Mercedes F1 engine for 2014
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I st the sound of the F1 engines in 2014 too quiet? Do the new V6 units with their small displacement of just 1.6 liters have enough power at all? The concerns and fears of the fans about the drive revolution in the next season were great. But Mercedes is the first engine supplier to give the all-clear.

Various factors influence the sound

The new engines will still not be overheard. The sound will change a bit though. There are no longer two but only one tailpipe. The new V6 engine is also charged by a turbo. The engineers have to get by with limited resources. 'The new formula is all about squeezing as much power as possible from a specified amount of fuel at a maximum specified flow rate,' explains Mercedes engine boss Andy Cowell.

A small turbine is installed in the exhaust gas flow not only compresses the intake air for the combustion engine but also drives a small generator. The engineers store the excess energy that is not needed for the turbo in batteries. The power can then be called up again as a boost by an electric motor.

However, the small turbine in the exhaust jet also ensures a different sound. 'The volume is reduced somewhat in contrast to a free-flowing exhaust gas stream,' says Cowell. In addition, in 2014 only maximum speeds of 15,000 rpm are allowed. This season it is still 18,000 /min. But since 6 cylinders then blow into one pipe and no longer 4 cylinders into two pipes, the frequency of the engine noise will hardly change much, predict the Mercedes experts.

F1 engine sound from 2014 in the video

Mercedes gives an impression of the new sound of the approximately 850 hp V6 engines in a video published on Friday (2.8.2013). However, the noises cannot be reproduced completely faithfully: 'A recording on the test bench is quite demanding because you have to extract the exhaust gases directly. This process also filters out some noises at the same time. A test bench is also surrounded by walls. The sound waves bounce off and this and that overlap. An engine test bench is not a recording studio, 'Cowell apologizes.

To give the fans a better impression, theEngine sounds placed over the video of a simulator lap on the Grand Prix track in Monza. The result is convincing: the influence of the turbine in the exhaust jet cannot be ignored. With speeds of 125,000 rpm, it does heavy work. Incidentally, the new transmissions have 8 gears - one more than now.

Mercedes with the turbo V6 on schedule

The entire drive package, consisting of motor, turbocharger, batteries, power electronics and the two hybrid components (MGU-H and MGU-K) has to be more stable than the now mature 2.4 liter V8 right from the first year. Anyone who consumes more than 5 so-called 'power units' per season will be penalized.

'We are well on schedule', says engine man Cowell. 'The tools for the components with a long lead time have already been determined.' The competition from Renault and Ferrari is currently not being looked at. 'In development, we have to drive our own race. As always with ambitious people, we fight hard to achieve as much as possible, focus on the problems that still need to be solved and don't waste a thought on what has already been achieved.'

Even if the engineers find it a bit difficult to say goodbye to the beloved V8 engines, Mercedes High Performance Powertrains (HPP) are already looking forward to the new generation of engines. 'People are always excited when something new starts, when new parts and new assembly processes are created, and when there are new tests and results,' says Cowell.

'Of course there are always hurdles and challenges when you installing highly efficient systems in racing cars. This is a demanding business that drives people to ever higher levels of creativity. On the way to the first race, our employees are highly committed and passionate about their work. '

In our picture gallery shows you the new engine in detail As promised, you will hear the sound of the new Formula 1 for the first time in the video.


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