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Smog alarm in Singapore: thick air during the night race

Daniel Reinhard
Smog alarm in Singapore
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I The floodlit Grand Prix of Singapore will be on television look like always. But on their two-hour city tour on Sunday evening, the pilots quickly sense that this year is something different. A smog cloud creates thick air in the metropolis. The already exhausting night race becomes a bit more exhausting.

Clouds of smoke move from Indonesia to Singapore

The reason for the smog alarm are deliberately cleared fires in nearby Indonesia. The wind sweeps the smoke across the sea into the glittering metropolis. Blue sky or sun hadn't been seen here for days. Experts classify the air quality as unhealthy.

On Monday, values ​​between 118 and 144 were measured on the pollutant scale. The unhealthy range goes from 101 to 200. At 200 it becomes 'very unhealthy'. From 300 direct illnesses are to be feared. The poor air quality is said to last the entire race weekend.

Formula 1 not threatened with cancellation

In the past Several local sporting events have already been canceled days ago. The Formula 1 race should go through as planned, they say. A spokesman for the event told the BBC only if the view, the health or the logistics of the race were endangered, the haze could become a problem.

Formula 1 also has it again and again in India and China to fight with smog. But it has apparently never been as bad as in Singapore. Many citizens of the city-state only dare to go out on the streets with respiratory protection. Wet towels are always available in taxis. The drivers are instructed to turn on the lights during the day.


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