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Small advances in the F1 plan: 2 steps to $ 150 million

Small progress in the Formula 1 plan
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T reffpunkt Monte Carlo, Friday, May 25th , 11 a.m. in the Paddock Club behind the Rascasse curve. Formula 1 bosses Chase Carey and Ross Brawn have invited the teams to a meeting in Bahrain for the second time to talk about the future of the premier class. This time FIA ​​President Jean Todt was also there. The F1 management wanted to bring the teams up to date with the latest planning and present the results of the individual discussions with the individual racing teams. One participant's résumé: “It remained calm, but there wasn't much new either.”

In three sections, a lecture was given on finances, future decision-making and technology. F1 management is sticking to its plan to give the teams a cost cap of $ 150 million. However, the big teams should be given more time to shrink back to health. 2020 should be a test year. You want to check whether the teams' expenses can be controlled. From 2021 to 2023 the costs will be reduced in two steps to the final amount of 150 million dollars.

The engine regulations should be in place at the end of June

This should take the wind out of the sails of the teams, claim they cannot shed so many jobs from one year to the next. It should also give the teams the time that already have plans to reorganize themselves in order to keep their employees in business. Like McLaren, for example. The second oldest Formula 1 racing team wants to enter the IndyCar series as early as next year. Initially as part of a partnership with an existing team. From 2021 with an independent team. McLaren is also considering a team for the World Endurance Championship (WEC). The FIA ​​and the ACO want to present the regulations for the period after 2020 in June.

There is broad agreement on the engine. However, the deadline for a final decision was again postponed by one month. Jean Todt set it for the end of June. The MGU-H disappears. The FIA ​​would like to ensure that the manufacturers already represented in Formula 1 offer newcomers their Ers system for sale in order to facilitate entry. Since the recuperation then only relates to the MGU-K, the technology will also be simpler.

Ross Brawn explained to the team boss that they want to stick to the plan, Formula 1 on 18 inch wheels to deliver. The aerodynamics are simplified. The new wing rules are a first stepto. Experts estimate that the 2019 front wings reduce development effort and costs in this area by 75 percent. Identical parts for elements that have little influence on the lap time are further cost drivers. For example, uniform gear internals. Only the housing should be free.


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