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Setback for McLaren: & # 34; No victorious car in the first race & # 34;

Setback for Button and McLaren
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N Only 24 rounds stood at the end of the day for Jenson Button in statistics. Again the McLaren was slowed down by a problem in the MGU-K. The new version of the revised seal did not work as planned either. Now the engineers have to come up with something again to make things better on the last day of testing in Barcelona.

Button doesn't expect Alonso to suddenly become the kilometer king on Sunday: 'It should be better than today, but we will probably not be able to do 150 laps. ' With the MGU-K throttled, Button didn't have much to learn on Saturday: 'In the afternoon we could only do one basic program: aero tests, pit stops and take-off exercises. After all, the starts worked very well. That's nice to see. It gave a few positive things, but I'm just missing kilometers. '

Button looked really kinked in the evening. 'It just wasn't my day. It was a tough week of testing for me personally.' One point in particular worries the driver: 'I haven't pushed the car to the limit yet.' Team boss Eric Boullier had said the day before that McLaren is 50 percent behind the test plan. 'We are now at 43 percent,' Button practiced in gallows humor.

McLaren will solve problems

But the optimism is still there. The 2009 world champion is far from giving up hope: 'It looks worse than it is. We will solve the problems. I hope that we will collect the appropriate kilometers in the next test. So that we can go into the first race with confidence . '

As for the prospects for the start of the season, Button wants to keep the ball flat. 'We don't have a victorious car in the first race. But we could have one in the last race. I'm sure you will see great progress from this car. It has a lot of potential, which is a little difficult to exploit at the moment because we are only in Stand in the garage and take the car apart and reassemble it.

But Button knows from experience that you shouldn't give up this early in the season: 'I had already had a few tough winter tests before - including at McLaren. I just remember the 2010 vacuum cleaner exhaust that kept falling apart. It was often difficult, but mostly we bent it over. These are exciting times, but we should get started quickly now. '

Button wants full risk and fullPower

If you ask Button which strategy McLaren should use in the first race - risk or arrival - you get an interesting answer: 'A driver's point of view is definitely different from what the team wants on this point. As a driver, you always want to go all out and have the best possible car available. I would like to know what this car is capable of. '

Button is currently only marginally interested in what the competition is doing. 'At the moment we're not looking at the world around us and concentrating on ourselves. I've had enough time to look at the monitors, but have no idea what it looks like. I think Mercedes is the fastest car if you look at it watching the long runs. Ferrari looks strong. Williams is difficult to read. Overall, the picture is unclear. With the soft tires, some are a second faster and others only 4 tenths. '


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