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Serious exit threat ?: & # 34; Red Bull doesn't need Formula 1 & # 34;

Red Bull
Saber rattling or blackmail attempt?
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T spite of the point diet, Red Bull was the focus of the home game Discussions. The harsh criticism of the company boss Dietrich Mateschitz of Renault and the regulations, combined with a renewed threat to exit, have divided the scene into two camps.

Some grumble at Mateschitz as a bad loser. Instead of hitting Renault, he should rather motivate his engine partner. Instead of complaining about the rules that are too strongly tailored to the engines, he should better remember that until 2013 aerodynamics were the dominant factor in the regulations and the engine played no role at all.

The other part in the The paddock got panic at the end of the gate. They fear the soft drink tsar could get serious and disappear from Formula 1 with his two teams. Was it a saber rattle or a serious wake-up call?

Horner advises taking his boss seriously: 'Dietrich is the biggest motorsport fan I know. He has been investing in this sport for over 20 years . And he says what he thinks. If someone like him loses interest in Formula 1, that's a signal. '

Renault scolding with calculation?

Just being there is no longer enough for Red Bull. The racing team sees itself as a World Cup candidate and no longer as the fun party troop that brought a breath of fresh air to the dusty paddock in 2005. 'If Mateschitz can no longer recognize the value of his expenses, he logically asks himself questions. Red Bull is a globally established brand with a successful image. It doesn't need Formula 1,' asserts Horner. In other words: if Mateschitz no longer wants, he locks the shop overnight. Or go to Le Mans. Contracts or not.

All attempts to ally with Audi or to sell Toro Rosso to Renault have come to nothing. The VW Group will not enter the premier class as long as the masterminds do not know in which direction to run. Renault prefers to build its works team with Lotus. If it comes to that.

The decision should actually be made this month. It was postponed until the end of the year. From this, insiders conclude that Renault could withdraw completely from Formula 1. With his scolding, Mateschitz might even have helped a little bit. There could be a calculation behind it. At some point the ability to suffer is also theFrench exhausted. Always receiving slaps in the face, it hurts.

Renault and Red Bull hope for Ilmor

On the engine side, Red Bull is tied to Renault until the end of 2016. If it becomes apparent that Renault is technically stagnating, there is only one way to escape the slum of the field. An exit or a switch.

The SOS signals from the headquarters in Salzburg are also intended to increase the pressure on Bernie Ecclestone, the FIA ​​and the other large teams to make the rules more balanced and simpler. Ferrari is trying to appease Red Bull by offering to buy engines in Maranello.

Despite the Renault crisis, Ferrari engines are currently not up for discussion. Horner thanks Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne for the friendly offer, but also says: 'In this case you would have to talk about the conditions.'

Red Bull can not imagine that Ferrari is currently budgeting by two-digit million sums for his attack on Mercedes, and then at the same time brings an internal opponent into the house. Mateschitz himself says: 'As a customer you can maybe win points, but not the world championship.'

Renault has to present results at the end of this week. Red Bull wants to know what the French are planning for after the summer break. For what, how many development tokens are used. And how the V6 turbo with the Ilmor cylinder head works. The bench tests on the single cylinder will be completed by the end of June. From internal sources one hears: If the Ilmor concept is successful, a large part of the tokens will be consumed in one fell swoop.


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