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Sebastian Vettel writes records: the cannibal is insatiable

Crazy Stats GP USA 2013
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D Michael Schumacher lost his first record in Suzuka. Fernando Alonso overtook him in the all-time best points list. Now Vettel has chased away the record of seven victories in a row. Next weekend in Brazil, with 13 wins in one season, he can match Schumacher's value from 2004.

But the other best values ​​of Germany's first world champion are also in danger if Vettel continues like this. Before the Red Bull winning streak he once said: 'Michael's records are unachievable because it is unlikely that a team will dominate again as Ferrari did back then.' Now he's experiencing the same thing with Red Bull. He's in the right place at the right time. And he took this luck into his own hands and made the best of it.

Pole position record the easiest task

Four world championship titles at the age of only 26 are a good basis to catch up with the seven titles of your compatriot at some point. With 44 pole positions, Vettel is still 24 short of Schumacher's record. The record champion still has air in the victories. It is 91:38 for Schumacher. But Vettel can already see Ayrton Senna's brand in front of him. With 41 victories, the Brazilian is number three on the all-time list of the best.

Vettel also has to struggle with the lead kilometers. With currently 12,581 he has just made a little more than half of his virtual opponent. Schumacher brought it to 24,084 kilometers at the top. It gets most difficult on the fastest race laps, even if Vettel has finished number 22 in Austin. Michael Schumacher presented 77.

Will the rule reform stop Red Bull?

The competition is stunned at the Vettel Festival. She longs for the next season in the hope that the major rule reform will interrupt Red Bull's winning streak. 'At the moment he's in a different league,' said Alsonso, shaking his head. 'No matter which setup, which tires, which engine. Vettel wins with this Red Bull with his left hand.'

There is a lot of frustration. Vettel warns his people in the team: 'Let's enjoy this unique time. It cannot be taken for granted. Nobody knows what will happen next year. The top teams will be in front again, but in what order and at what intervals? Sure will there is no longer this constancy, we are counting on moreFailures in the next year. '

Vettel's strength is his low error rate

It would be wrong to reduce Vettel's successes to the Red Bull alone. Austin has shown that again. The world champion drove to pole position, even though he had trimmed his car more than Mark Webber did for the race. 'Then you can't get the tires into your window as aggressively as you would if you were concentrating on a fast lap on your own. That costs lap time '

Despite the handicap, Vettel beat his teammate. Not because he was faster. He simply made two fewer mistakes. After two sectors, Webber was 0.216 seconds ahead of Vettel on the decisive lap. Then he lost In the last two corners he beat the champion 0.319 seconds. 'It's not enough if you are two and a half sectors better,' said the Australian, annoyed.

Vettel drove practically flawlessly in the race as well He had to think for a long time whether he had done something wrong anywhere. 'One or two times I slipped a little too far on the brakes at Turn 12.' Nice who has such problems.

Charm- Red Bull offensive

But that is precisely the problem with Vettel and Red Bull. The perfection gives the impression that there are not people, but machines at work. That makes people suspicious and costs sympathy. That's why she tries World champions troop just with a charm open ive to collect bonus points.

It all seems a bit artificial. The donuts after the race are just as much a part of it as the exuberant celebrations with hard liquor after the race. In Austin, the Jägermeister bottle was passed around at the team photo. Mixed with Red Bull, of course. On the starting grid, the Red Bull mechanics are suddenly no longer standing like a wall in front of the car to ward off curious glances.

Until recently, team boss Christian Horner had defended this rather childish measure: 'We have the best Car in the field, so we have the most to lose. ' He should know that the competition is hoarding thousands of detailed photos of the Red Bull RB9 in their archives. Just like Adrian Newey collects photos of other cars.

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