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Sebastian Vettel wants second place: & # 34; Beating Nico is the first goal & # 34;

Sebastian Vettel wants second place
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Vettel looking forward to thin Mexico air

F or Sebastian Vettel's Mexico adventure began with a soccer game in the legendary Aztec stadium. Where the German national team lost 3-2 to Argentina in the 1986 World Cup final, the Ferrari team was allowed to host a sponsor match. 'There is room for 100,000 people in the stadium. Unfortunately there weren't that many. But it was still a unique feeling,' beamed Vettel after the experience.

The German even scored a goal on the green lawn. It is not yet clear whether he will also be able to celebrate a sense of achievement on the racetrack. So far, Vettel only knows the renovated course from the simulator. 'The track looks very interesting. Unfortunately, the thin air here in Mexico City cannot be simulated. It will be exciting when we leave the garage for the first time. The simulator gives you an initial feeling. But in the end it usually is but a little different. '

Crowning the Ferrari season with second place

In Austin, Vettel had to watch as Hamilton celebrated the championship title. Until then, the Ferrari driver still had a glimmer of hope. 'Unfortunately the train has left. Now second place is the maximum we want to achieve,' said Vettel. With three races to go, he is 4 points ahead of Nico Rosberg. The duel between the two Germans will probably only be decided in the last race.

'We are not the favorites,' emphasizes Vettel. 'But of course I want to beat Nico. That's the first goal. Of course, second place is better than third place. That would crown a good season. If you end up in a position better than you should be, then that is always the case a great achievement. '


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