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Sebastian Vettel vs. Niki Lauda: Vettel contradicts Lauda

Sebastian Vettel vs. Niki Lauda
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S ebastian Vettel once again won over the journalists at the Brazilian Grand Prix. At the rather empty press conference, the German entertained the media with brisk slogans. When asked about Niki Lauda's remark that the Ferrari engine was just as powerful as that of Mercedes, the four-time world champion replied: 'Niki changes his mind very quickly. Sometimes what he says makes sense, sometimes it doesn't.'

Vettel is fighting for second place against Rosberg

There is still a lot at stake for Vettel in Brazil. After the Ferrari bankruptcy in Mexico, in which the team did not bring a car to the finish line for the first time since the 2006 Australian GP, ​​he fights against Nico Rosberg for second place in the drivers' standings in Interlagos. 'Nothing was broken on the car in Mexico. That was my fault,' he said. 'There are still two races to drive. As long as you have the chance, you want to finish second. I hope we can split the Mercedes and will give our maximum.'

Now that the season is slowly coming to an end approaches, the eyes are already directed towards the future. Vettel is optimistic for 2016. 'It's always difficult to make predictions. But I see the work in the background and that is very promising. I think we can take a good step forward.'

Passion in the team overwhelming

After the first season with the Reds, Vettel now knows the team and its way of working very well. His impression after the premiere year: 'I was overwhelmed by the passion for Ferrari within the team and by the fans around the world. That is the red magic. And the food is a great strength, believe me that.'


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