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Sebastian Vettel: Video and photos from the first Ferrari test

Sebastian Vettel for the first time in red
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A n this sight the fans have to get used to: On November 29, 2014, Sebastian Vettel appeared in red Ferrari overalls for the first time. After 9 years with Red Bull and Toro Rosso in Formula 1, the well-known energy drink logo can no longer be seen on the outfit of the four-time world champion. Instead, red is now the dominant color.

Sebastian Vettel's first test in the Formula 1 Ferrari

Vettel didn't just travel to Fiorano on the last weekend in November to try out the new look . The first official working day in the service of Scuderia also included the long-awaited test drive in a red Formula 1 racer. In accordance with the regulations, Ferrari provided the newcomer with a two-year-old F2012 for the debut.

The Heppenheimer would have liked to test a current model right after the season finale in Abu Dhabi. But Red Bull technical director Adrian Newey vetoed at the last second. But even in the 'old car' the first trip was an unforgettable experience for the 27 year old. 'I still remember well that when I was a little boy at the age of 11 or 12 I was already here and looked over the fence to catch a glimpse of Michael (Schumacher). To be part of the team myself now, feels fantastic ', was the first reaction of the four-time champion.

Vettel debut in the Alonso racer

Vettel did almost 100 laps on the test track in Fiorano, which is very close to the Formula 1 factory in Maranello. 'Unfortunately it's winter right now and it was very cold, but it was still a lot of fun,' said Vettel afterwards. 'It was a unique experience for me to drive the car and get to know the team. Everything is still new to me, especially the color. That is really something very special. I am already looking forward to the challenges that we will face in the next Years to master. '

Vettel took a seat in the car with which his predecessor Fernando Alonso won the runner-up in 2012 - at that time with the beloved (loud) V8 engine. Coincidentally, Alonso's car also had the start number 5, which his successor had painted on his car in 2015.

The newcomer to the team did not want to comment on the chances of success after the first few kilometers. Vettel enjoyed the emotional event much more. 'There are manyFairy tales about Ferrari and what it feels like to drive a red car. I can now confirm that they are all true and not just any stories. It's a myth that really exists and it really feels very special to become a part of it, get in the car and see people climb the fences to see the car. Something magical happened today that I will never forget. '

Vettel drives the Ferrari F14T in the simulator

After the first few kilometers on the track in the 2012 model on Saturday (29.11 .2014) Vettel also did a lot of simulator work on Sunday, where the German tested the 2014 Ferrari car and familiarized himself with the various steering wheel functions and engine and hybrid settings And of course communication with the pit was practiced for the first time.

Vettel got to know all the important Scuderia team members on the first few days of work, including the new Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne Team boss Maurizio Arrivabene and technical director James Allison. The pilot can still exert his influence on the new model and change small things until the first official test in Jerez on February 1st, 2015 but more homework is necessary. Vettel is still facing a busy winter.

We have the photos of Sebastian Vettel's first Ferrari test in our gallery. The racing team has also published a video of the German's debut.


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