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Sebastian Vettel: Vettelheim celebrates the world champion

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E r joked in the best Hessian and was blown away by his 'Vettelheim': Sebastian Vettel was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reception in his hometown. 'At the moment I'm bissje baffled. With so many people I couldn't have rescheduled,' said the new Formula 1 world champion on Sunday in Heppenheim in Hessian and spoke of 'pure goose bumps'.

See you again with Vettel 2011?

He was 'extremely proud as a Heppenheimer boy', emphasized Vettel, who was also facing exactly one week after his World Cup triumph showed his fans in top form and even got carried away with some interludes with a comedian friend. 'I hope we'll see each other here again in a year,' announced Vettel.

Some of his fans had been waiting on Europaplatz since the early hours of the morning, and they kept chanting 'Se-Bast' during the almost hour-long performance -ian '. According to the police, around 10,000 had appeared. 'That almost knocks you out,' commented Vettel, who presented himself to his enthusiastic fans on the roof of a small retro-look bus.

Heppenheim celebrates the new honorary citizen

'We are so proud of you. We Heppenheimers all believed in you,' said Mayor Gerhard Herbert happily with the 'most famous son of Heppenheim'. It is almost certain that Vettel will be made an honorary citizen.

Hardly on stage, Vettel first captured the imposing picture with his mobile phone for his personal photo album. 'It's much better here, of course,' said the youngest Formula 1 world champion at 23 years and 134 days: 'There weren't that many people in Abu Dhabi.'

Vettel is down-to-earth

Funny, spontaneous, quick-witted - and modest. 'I'm still one of you,' he shouted into the crowd. 'We are so proud of you', it said on posters. The city gave him a photo collage from his demo show at Red Bull in the summer. Wine, greetings, a red lion from Hesse and a license plate HP World Champion (Vettel: 'There are no badges') as well as endless congratulations, the Hessian accepted.

On the new place name sign Vettelheim he had to sign immediately. 'All the speed restrictions in Heppenheim are hereby officially lifted,' joked Vettel, who gave almost more gas on stage than in the car and clearly set the pace among local and state politicians. Then Vettel threw himself into the fansand was busy handing out autographs.

There will be a World Cup trophy on December 10th

Even a week away, Vettel has still not fully realized the scope of his triumph . 'You grasp your head. Man, that doesn't exist. I hope nobody wakes me up,' Vettel described the moments of calm that were rare in the past week. He will receive the trophy for his triumph on December 10th at the official FIA gala in Monaco.

Vettel traveled to Heppenheim from Abu Dhabi via Zurich. This Monday he is working as a driving instructor for sponsor BMW in Cartagena, Spain. Next weekend, Vettel will compete in the Race of Champions with Michael Schumacher - and the Vettel mania with a world champion in the best mood will continue: 'One or the other night will be celebrated.'


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