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Sebastian Vettel: The winning lottery ended in Valencia at the latest

Sebastian Vettel
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S echs different names made their way into the winners' lists in the six races this season enter. This has never happened before in Formula 1 history. 'If you started the season again, I don't think you would get the same result again,' Sebastian Vettel is certain. The world champion is surprised that the series went on for so long.

The pilots don't believe that the winning roulette will continue to spin for long. 'At some point some teams and drivers will pull away from the front,' predicts Fernando Alonso. Vettel also sees the end of the series within reach. 'You can't win 20 drivers in one season', grinned the German in Montreal.

Vettel sees Schumacher as a candidate for victory

Nevertheless, the Red Bull driver believes that things will continue to be exciting remains. 'It's unbelievable this year. You go into qualifying and you don't know who will take pole position. Small things make the difference. I think it won't be any different here in Montreal. But I don't think there are an infinite number of drivers who can continue to win. '

The group of remaining candidates for victory is small. Only two drivers come to mind Vettel. 'Maybe Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton who can win a race,' ponders the champion. 'I think that the winning lottery has already ended here in Montreal. In Valencia at the latest.'


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