Sebastian Vettel in the celebration marathon

Formula 1 champion under stress
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A uf the winners podium, Sebastian Vettel was close to tears. At the moment of the World Cup, the whole career passes in your mind's eye. The dream as a boy of Formula 1, the kart time with limited financial means, the Formula BMW, which he took by storm, the Formula 3 and Renault World Series that did not go as planned, the Friday tests at BMW with the best times in Istanbul and Monza, the 2007 GP debut in Indianapolis, the first mileage in the lead in the Toro Rosso in Fuji 2007, the first GP victory in Monza in 2008, the disappointment of the World Cup in 2009, the ups and downs of a crazy 2010 season.

Abu Dhabi - Salzburg - Abu Dhabi

After the champagne shower, work really started. TV interviews, press conference, TV interviews. Group picture with the team, winner's photo with trophy, thanks to each and every member of the group, a long conversation with boss Dietrich Mateschitz and Mark Webber, then the celebration in the small group of the Austrian parliamentary group. The most important Grand Prix of his life was shown on the small TV in the Red Bull Pavilion.

From the race track, it was ten minutes' walk from the Yas Hotel, where the family and Red Bull loyal friends were there a small party had been organized. The big celebration does not start until Monday in Salzburg. 'The race started when it was bright, went into the night and will not end again until daylight,' predicted Vettel. When he boarded the plane to Munich in Dubai at nine o'clock, he had six hours of flight time to make up for his sleep deficit.

Press conference in Hangar 7

In Salzburg there are sure to be more bottles of champagne beheaded than in the pit garage in Abu Dhabi. Vettel holds back with alcohol. 'Beer is too bitter for me. I prefer to drink a shandy.' Better a Red Bull with liquor. A bit of advertising for the employer is a must.

The big party is followed by a press conference on Tuesday in Hangar 7, Red Bull's headquarters. In the evening, Vettel is back on the plane. He wants to be back in Abu Dhabi Wednesday morning. Then two days of relaxation before the big Pirelli test takes place on Friday and Saturday. Quad biking in the desert is popular. The new world champion contests the Pirelli test alone. Teammate Mark Webber thins out to Australia. 'Mark doesn't feel like taking the test,' Vettel shook his head.


-Departure from Dubai to Munich with Emirates flight 049
- in the helicopter from Munich to Salzburg to the Red Bull Party in Hangar 7
- TV appearance with team colleague Mark Webber, team boss Christian Horner
and car designer Adrian Newey


- Season end press conference of the team in Salzburg
- Flight to London and then on to the team quarters in Milton Keynes
to celebrate with the employees of the racing factory
- in the evening flight to Abu Dhabi

Wednesday and Thursday:

- two days Desert fun on the quad bike

Friday and Saturday:

- Test drives with the new Pirelli tires for the 2011 season on the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi

27. and November 28th: ​​

- Start at the Race of Champions in Düsseldorf with Michael Schumacher


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