Sebastian Vettel celebrates his world title

What is Sebastian Vettel doing now?
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G forklifts, boxes, toiling mechanics. Somehow it doesn't really look like a big party in front of the Red Bull box. Adrian Newey is standing in the box with a world champion shirt and is talking to a few team members, while the others are bustling around him. During this, Sebastian Vettel is still standing in front of the cameras an hour after the race and giving interviews. Sounds like stress and less like a big celebration. Only when his team welcomes him afterwards do you cheer briefly at the photo session, Papa Norbert Vettel is dancing and loud music is booming from the speakers.

Vettel looks composed

at The two-time world champion looked composed at the award ceremony. Sure, winning the title came as no surprise. But one would have expected 'Seb' at least a few tears to roll down her cheeks. Like his win at Monza this season. In the press conference he has to swallow several times, take a deep breath and take pauses in speaking. If you didn't know, you wouldn't see that he has just become world champion for the second time.

Perhaps the moment will come when he shakily touches his eyes and wipes away his tears, but also later. Then when he is with his team. When he stays with those who understand him. Who spend most of the year with him. Who live motorsport. Weekend after weekend. Those who have a deeper look into Vettel's inner being than the German wants to give the public a price.

A lot of work for the team

When someone knows that the work comes first and then that Pleasure, then it's Vettel. As after every race, the debriefing with his engineers was on the program. His mechanics couldn't sit back either. They had to pack everything up until 11 p.m. so that the equipment could be brought to Korea on time, where the next Grand Prix will take place next weekend.

After that, Vettel and his boys from Milton Keynes finally had time to celebrate their success. Among themselves. It was a small party to which only the team was invited. It somehow fits the Heppenheimer, who keeps reminding you not to take off.

Traditional Japanese karaoke was sung in a bar in the town of Yokkaichi near Suzuka. The two-time world champion naturally trilled along. He got support from Michael Schumacher, who was also at the partycame. Vettel was particularly happy about his congratulations. But he had to be careful not to get hoarse at the party until 6 a.m. Because just two hours later, the trip to his sponsor Infiniti in Yokohama was on the program. No hard work, no price.


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