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Sebastian Vettel before catching up: Fortunately, Abu Dhabi is not Monaco

Sebastian Vettel before catching up
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S ebastian Vettel has a tough job before his chest he can say goodbye for the winter break. The Ferrari driver only started the last race of the season from 16th place. The Ferrari was the second fastest car on Saturday (November 28, 2015) in Abu Dhabi. How could the surprising failure in the first qualifying lap come about?

Vettel takes Ferrari under protection

'We actually thought that the lap on the soft tires would be enough. It was my mistake. I should have just turned a faster lap, 'said the German defending his team. But the announcement to cancel the unscheduled run at the end of the first session came from the pit wall. The strategists simply overlooked the risk that the German could fall out.

But Vettel didn't want to put the blame on his engineers. 'That was a small mistake with big consequences. Tomorrow there will be a lot of cars in front of us that shouldn't have been in front of us,' Vettel analyzes the situation soberly. 'I think overtaking is not impossible here. It would be more difficult in Monaco. We have the speed to work our way forward. But the closer you get to the front, the harder it will be. Maybe we can still keep up We have to be wide awake. '

Third Vettel catch-up race in Abu Dhabi

Vettel knows the feeling of having to catch up in Abu Dhabi. In 2012, he stopped at the Red Bull with an empty tank and was placed at the end of the field. Last year, the commissioners deleted the Germans from the ranking because the front wings did not meet the rules. 12 months ago, Vettel was still up to rank 8. 'As far as last time I'm not behind this time', Vettel took the mishap with gallows humor.


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