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Sebastian Vettel: & # 34; Something can always break & # 34;

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Interview with Sebastian Vettel
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The season is more exciting than ever before - none of the drivers has really been able to break away so far. Do you think it will be a head-to-head race to the end?
V ettel: So far the season has been really exciting and I also believe that it will stay that way now. There are a few drivers who are at the forefront and can get the big points. Personally, of course, you would like to be in the lead alone, but we have to wait for the next races first.

Why is it that you haven't made a real run so far?
Vettel: The cars are built to the limit and therefore something can break down. It can always happen that a race turns out differently than you planned it, but that's the nice thing about it. You do these races to see who is the best that day. Sometimes the favorites lose and on other days they win again. But that's life.

How important was the victory in Valencia for you and your self-confidence after five races without a win? Or are you alien to doubts?
Vettel: I think that the five previous races weren't that bad, after all, we were able to take important points. There are certainly reasons why we didn't win, but the bottom line is also a second, third and fourth place.

Strict, extreme cheers and disappointments also mentally?
Vettel: So we haven't had any real disappointments yet. Of course, some situations are portrayed this way from the outside, but you have to stay calm, concentrate and continue consistently and concentrate on your own team. There is simply no point in concentrating on things that you cannot influence.

How about your physical fitness?
Vettel: Very good. It's only half-time and I train regularly, but I also take breaks to recharge my batteries.

Now would be exactly the right time for you to have a winning streak. After all, I'm going to Silverstone for the home Grand Prix in Germany.
Vettel: My goal is always to win. Sometimes it works and then it doesn't work. Still, we're not going to give up, and of course to win the home Grand Prix would be something quitespecial. Even if I have to share the support of the fans with the five other Germans.


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