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Sebastian Vettel: & # 34; Pirelli tire test no walk in the park & ​​# 34;

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Sebastian Vettel under stress
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S ebastian Vettel came to the major press conference of the Red Bull teams in Salzburg. While teammate Mark Webber, team boss Christian Horner and star designer Adrian Newey answered the first questions, Vettel's place on the podium was initially empty.

When he finally appeared, the newly crowned champion looked a bit tired. The voice was audibly damaged after the two-day celebration marathon, but the 23-year-old bravely answered the many questions from the journalists. 'Time just goes by so quickly. I have to let the whole thing sink a little now,' complained the hunted one. 'The biggest goal is to find some time for myself now.'

Pirelli tire test in Abu Dhabi

But the German won't be able to breathe anytime soon. On Friday and Saturday, Vettel has to put on his racing overalls again in Abu Dhabi. The Pirelli tire test is on the agenda for Red Bull. 'The time in the car will be the quietest for me. I'm really looking forward to it,' grinned the newly crowned world champion.

Sebastian Vettel is a full professional. Despite cheers and headlines, the champion does not take the test lightly. 'The test is no walk in the park. You have to be fully concentrated all day. We have a clear task. We have the opportunity to gain our first experience with the tires for next year. That is the focus. It is also quite good when your head is back in the car and you can actively relax. '

Vettel needs sleep

The German is hoping for a few more days before the tire tests to relax in Abu Dhabi. 'You have to look after yourself and use the nights to sleep. Every athlete knows how much sleep he needs and I'll take care of that.'

After the test in the desert emirate, however, the marathon is about to begin continue. He's not thinking about vacation yet, explained Vettel. Vettel is particularly looking forward to an appointment. The Red Bull driver has registered for the Race of Champions (November 27th) in Düsseldorf. 'It will be something very special to start alongside Michael (Schumacher).'

Heppenheim has to wait

When he will finally stop by his hometown Heppenheim Vettel himself did not know yet. 'It's incredibly tight. Of course you try to squeeze everything into the schedule, but it's pretty busy.' However, the man wants from thatBergstrasse must make up for the home visit: 'At some point it will work out. Even if I still can't make any promises or name a day. But of course that is also part of it.'


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