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Sebastian Vettel: & # 34; I'll be the last to give up & # 34;

Interview with Sebastian Vettel
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Question: Are you giving up now?

S ebastian Vettel: I think I'm the last one to give up. The chance is there. We still have two races. You saw how quickly the tide can turn.

Was it the right decision to open the race at this point?

Vettel: I think so. I think it was about the right time. You could also see in the cockpit that it tore open all around. I think in the end it was more a question of whether it was getting too dark. I didn't have any serious difficulties. I could always stop where I wanted. However, it was sometimes very, very difficult to see the braking point, especially in the first corner in the first sector. I had a slightly tinted visor on it. It didn't get lighter. I had no doubt that I could stay there for ten laps and that I wouldn't be able to extend my lead. I was also a bit unfortunate with those who were lapped. I had another hairy moment with HRT. I lost about a second both times. I was two or three tenths faster than Fernando per lap and building it up wasn't that easy.

How difficult was it to keep the intermediates in good shape?

Vettel: The ten laps would not have made the goat fat anymore. I tried to take care of the tires, avoid wheelspin and not run over the tires. Maybe a little too cool. That worked very well. It would be a lie that my tires were like new. Of course, they suffer from the conditions. We know that the intermediates may not be the toughest tires we have available. But it was the same for everyone and I think I was always able to react and control the field from the front.

How close was it for you at the last safety car? You were lucky that you got out before the last safety car.

Vettel: Both times it was luck and bad luck. The first time I was on the home stretch when the safety car was displayed. And almost the same thing happened the second time. Just a little bit before that. Both times it was impossible to react. Otherwise, of course, you would have dropped the anchor and pulled to the right. For the others it was of course easier. I was between two and a half and three and both timesfive seconds ahead. But that doesn't change anything anymore.

It's an incredible roller coaster for you, isn't it? It's up and down all the time.

Vettel: The most important thing is that there was and is always an explanation for the down. Of course this is a tough moment. It also hits us very hard as a team with Mark's failure. But if I look at myself, then this year I know exactly that the last reason in the series was my own performance, the performance, the speed. That always worked. If it didn't work out, there was always a reason for it. And if there was no reason, it always worked.

When did you hear the first noise from the engine?

Vettel: I didn't hear anything . There was no sign of the defect. In the middle of turn 14 I suddenly lost a row of cylinders and had strong vibrations. You can imagine that when only half of the motor is intact and the other side is stuck. Then it was a matter of time before the other one broke too. I'm not a specialist, but I guess it was the right side that went first.

Are you still having problems with the engines?

Vettel: No, I think that would have been the last race for the engine anyway.

You deleted it yourself, didn't you?

Vettel: If not always the most experienced marshals are on site, then it might be better to pick up the fire extinguisher yourself. I almost got laid because it was incredibly slippery when I snatched the fire extinguisher out of the hands of the Korean marshals. As a driver, you may know better than a marshal who only sees the car once a year where you have to keep the fire extinguisher clean to stop the fire.

If you had been malicious, you would have yours Being able to park the car in one place on the straight so that there is still a safety car phase.

Vettel: What would that have changed for me?

Then the others could have caught up with Alonso and Massa again.

Vettel: That's what I thought at the moment. But what's the point? You have to be a sportsman and be honest. You don't want it the other way around. You have to be a bastard, but not so much.

How big do you see your chances now?

Vettel: It would have been better if I had could have finished ten laps. But now it's the way it is. That makes it a little bit more interesting and difficult. It is still feasible. We and I fight to the end anyway.


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