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Sebastian Vettel: & # 34; Establish as the first Mercedes pursuer & # 34;

Vettel stays on the carpet
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I In the eyes of Sebastian Vettel, this season is the one again To see the shine that he lost a little last year. At least since his maiden win for Ferrari, the smile is back. Formula 1 is fun again. The newcomer to the team was particularly pleased with the visit to Maranello after the success in Malaysia.

Vettel raises the flag in Maranello

'The visit was already planned. But the reception is on of course turned out very friendly, 'said Vettel. 'For example, I didn't even know that a Ferrari flag would be hung at the entrance to the factory after every win. Lately there have been relatively few. It probably won't be as many as 10 years ago. But at least it is hanging now one for the whole season. '

Vettel hopes that it will not just be a one-off. However, the German assumes that Mercedes still has an advantage. 'For us, the first thing is to establish ourselves as the first Mercedes chaser in the field. There are a number of strong teams around us that we fight with. Only when we are definitely number 2 will it work about reducing the gap to the front. '

Vettel does not want to rate the Malaysian success as a lucky win. 'The pace there was real. At least we were able to benefit from problems at Mercedes.' In China, however, the tide could turn again. Experts are assuming a clear Silver Arrow success. The layout of the Shanghai International Circuit does not stress the vulnerable Mercedes rear tires as much as other circuits. Then there is the relatively cool weather and an update package on the Silver Arrow.

Vettel with point against Ecclestone

In addition to Mercedes, Vettel has another concern. Bernie Ecclestone, who is actually considered a friend of the Heppenheimer, recently criticized the German. Lewis Hamilton is a better world champion and F1 ambassador because he presents himself more in public. 'Everyone can speak his mind,' Vettel ironed out Ecclestone's advance. 'I am satisfied with what I have achieved so far.'

Thereupon Vettel was approached by Jenson Button at the press conference: 'Maybe it is because you are not on Twitter?' To which Vettel countered cool: 'Is Bernie on Twitter by the way?' Button: 'I think he likes thatSocial media stuff isn't like that. 'Vettel:' Well then, I wonder how he knows that. '


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