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Sebastian Vettel: & # 34; Don't look in the rearview mirror & # 34;

Sebastian Vettel
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E s was an unusual situation one hour after the end of qualifying. Sebastian Vettel had to answer questions from the crowd of journalists in the stuffy Red Bull pavilion. The top 3 drivers are usually spared this ritual. After the cozy journalists' meeting at the FIA ​​press conference, they have the rest of the afternoon free. Most recently, Vettel had to do without this privilege in Monza in September. At that time he started from fifth place.

In Sao Paulo it is fourth place this time. Not only is the defeat against the two McLarenes particularly painful, but that he has to line up behind Mark Webber for the eighth time this year. The team mate couldn't help but grin when he saw the world press in the small cubicle in the paddock. There was no sign of sympathy for the team mate.

Vettel too shy in qualifying

The first question to the two-time world champion was of course the World Cup duel. Felipe Massa is right behind Vettel. Fernando Alonso is a little further away in seventh place. 'We have two rear-view mirrors on the car, but I don't really want to use them tomorrow. We just look ahead and want to attack. You can also win a race from fourth place,' said Vettel aggressively.

The two-time champion wants to escape to the front in the race. In qualifying he preferred to play it safe: 'In the first run in Q3 I made a small mistake. I got too far. That certainly cost me half a second. In the second attempt I was a bit too shy. That was definitely not my best lap. '

Vettel does not want any help from Webber

It is no surprise that McLaren are at the front. 'They were fast all weekend. We didn't come here to finish second, third or fourth.' He does not expect any help from team-mate Webber when it comes to the world title. 'We both drive our own races. He drives his, I drive mine. We have fought duels before. That's nothing special.'

World Cup competitor Alonso hopes that the conditions will be chaotic for him could help on Sunday. Rain is predicted. Vettel is not very worried. 'We have to be wide awake and prepared for all situations. Quick reactions and decisions are required. We simply mustn't oversleep.'


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