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Sebastian Vettel 2010: The world championship year in pictures

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Sebastian Vettels in 2010
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E Actually it is a miracle that Sebastian Vettel has the Has won world title. Crashes, technical problems and FIA penalties threw the Germans back again and again. Despite all the low blows, the young Heppenheimer made it all the way to the top of Formula 1 Olympus.

Sebastian Vettel proved perfect timing this season. It was only after the very last race that the Red Bull driver was at the top of the points table for the first time. Vettel showed his greatest deficit in the second half of the season at the 13th race of the season in Spa. His crash with Jenson Button threw him 31 points back.

Vettel on average 16 points behind

Vettel came closest to the World Cup lead after his second place in Monaco. Team-mate Mark Webber only claimed the top because he had one more victory on the account with a tie at that point.

After that, the roller coaster season continued: The German was 16 points short of the front runner on average . Four times, Vettel was in last place in the World Cup pentathlon with Webber, Hamilton, Button and Alonso. His rivals had all greeted the World Cup leaders at least once during the season. Vettel, as I said, only when it mattered.

Title already a long way off for Vettel

With two races before the final, the situation seemed hopeless with 25 points behind. Two victories in Brazil and Abu Dhabi turned the game around. Vettel owes the title to an irresistible final sprint. In the last five races he was always the fastest man on the track. A small mistake in qualifying in Singapore and the engine breakdown in Korea kept the World Cup exciting until the very end.

We rummaged through our archive again and picked out the best pictures of Sebastian Vettel's season. In our big photo show we take you on the Vettel roller coaster 2010.


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