Schumi comeback: Schumi is fit again

Formula 1: Michael Schumacher comeback
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S Chumacher's comeback attempt for Ferrari last summer failed because of the skull base injury as a result of a motorcycle accident a year ago. 'We are away from the injury,' said Peil. Michael Schumacher himself had said the day before with a smile after his first Formula 1 test in 2010 regarding the neck: 'I oiled it well, everything rusty has been removed. Now we can move forward.'

Schumacher doesn't seem like a 41-year-old

True to the motto: Back to normal. Schumacher is now back in the normal cycle. 'He can train to the normal extent,' explained Peil on the sidelines of the test drives on the Ricardo Tormo circuit. And that means: four to six hours of training and treatment per day. No problem for the fitness freak Schumacher. 'He doesn't seem like a 41-year-old to any of us,' emphasized Peil. 'It could of course also have been that at the age of 41 I just couldn't be there anymore,' said Schumacher on Monday after his first 40 laps in the new Silver Arrow at the Mercedes Grand Prix. But times have shown 'that this is not the case'.

Well-trained, in top shape, motivated down to the ends of your hair (however, according to your own admission, also colored) - that is Schumi 2010. Schumacher is fully aware of the role training and therapy play in older age in order to achieve the same performance bring - after all, he won his seventh and to date last World Cup title in 2004 and consequently at the age of 35. His last race was on October 22, 2006. What matters most for Schumacher now is the work in the areas of coordination, dexterity and speed. 'They require more training than physical condition,' explained Peil.

Schumi has fun with the horsepower spectacle

The fun of the horsepower spectacle can be seen in the returnee Schumacher. He completed 40 laps in a total of one and a half hours on Monday, the third-best time even jumped out. And that after he last completed a real test in a current Formula 1 car in April 2008. Only this Wednesday will he be back at the wheel of the MGP W01. On Tuesday, Nico Rosberg, who is also looked after by the sports clinic in Bad Nauheim and who also attested to chief physician Peil that he was 'in top shape', did the other trial rounds.

Schumacher was swinging at lunchtimeon the other hand on the racing bike. With a silver-gray helmet, red jacket and long trousers in view of temperatures of just over ten degrees Celsius despite the glorious sunshine, we went on tour. Accompanied by his physio. In the afternoon he wanted to sit down with his helmet manufacturer; as always at Schumacher, it's about fine adjustments on the way to perfection. Because the seven-time world champion doesn't want to leave anything to chance when he makes his sensational comeback at the season opener in Bahrain on March 14th


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