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Schumacher's tire review: Schumacher speaks to Pirelli

Schumacher's tire review
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O without the history it would have been a completely normal process. But that was the scene. One hour after the end of the second day of testing, Michael Schumacher drove his white Mercedes ML 350 out of the Mugello paddock. But suddenly the seven-time world champion stopped. Right in front of the Pirelli Motorhome. Schumacher jumped out and disappeared into the black painted base camp of the tire supplier. Half an hour later he came out again and continued his journey home.

New cars have less downforce

Timo Glock said with a smile: 'I can already imagine what they are about was spoken. ' After the Bahrain GP, ​​Michael Schumacher had complained that the tires played too dominant a role and that he had to drive well below his limit in the race to keep the rubbers alive. Pirelli tire boss Paul Hembery countered him that the 23 other drivers were satisfied and blamed the record winner's criticism on a good deal of frustration about the season so far.

Was there a discussion due in the Pirelli Motorhome? According to Hembery not: 'Michael spoke to our technicians and Mercedes engineers. I don't know what was being said.' Other Pirelli employees also confirm: 'No special incidents.' That Schumacher talks to the tire specialists is a routine matter.

Pirelli has good news for Schumacher for the future. 'In 2013 we will be delivering even softer tires with a new construction,' reveals Hembery. Softer means more grip, so faster lap times. However, Hembery limits: 'These tires will also have a loss of grip. We are sticking to our philosophy of exciting races until something else is asked of us.'

The Englishman emphasizes once again that the driver plays the greatest role at the moment. With his driving style and the selected vehicle setup, he determines how long the tire will provide sufficient grip. With his starting position he determines whether he drives in traffic or not. 'Clearly, the man on pole position will be rewarded. It is an undeniable advantage to be ahead of the game.'

The excitement about the big unknown tire will quickly subside. 'The new tires are not to blame for the many question marks, but the new cars. They have much less downforce in the rear than the 2011 vehiclesthe balance shifts. But I am convinced that the teams will get to know their cars and our tires better by the middle of the season. '

Then Hembery also expects more courageous strategies. He wonders why the teams are so bad at the current situation be sure and do practically the same thing. 'Mark Webber in China and Paul di Resta in Bahrain have shown that an alternative strategy can lead to success.'


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