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R itterschlag from the record champions: Michael Schumacher is way ahead of Sebastian Vettel bowed and his world champion triumph was again emphatically acknowledged. 'How he bit his way through the season and came up with a big show at the end is worth all honors. Hats off to so much talent, persistence and passion for racing,' wrote the Vettel friend on Friday (November 19th) on his homepage.

Second congratulations from Schumi

Immediately after the victory and world championship win in Abu Dhabi, Schumacher had congratulated the 18-year-old successor, 'but I wanted to do it again now that the first waves of congratulations have subsided repeat ', explained Schumacher.

The only two German Formula 1 champions have known each other for a long time. In 1995 Vettel, once called 'Baby Schumi', received a trophy from the great Schumi. 'When it was my turn, what had to come. How it is when you meet your role model: I stuttered, I didn't know what to say. In short: I couldn't get a word out.' , recalled Vettel in the Bild newspaper (Friday).

Schumacher is happy for Vettel

15 years later, the 23-year-old casts everyone under his spell. He is actually never at a loss for words, even the tiredness of celebrations after the world championship could hardly slow his torrent of speech. With his natural manner and mischievous humor, the Heppenheimer becomes everybody's darling.

And Schumacher, who was demoted from a buddy to an extra, gratefully grateful to him for the success. 'We have known each other for many years now, we've been friends for many years, and that's why I'm really happy for him,' said Schumacher.

Joint appearance at the Race of Champions

Schumacher, who starts testing the tires from the new supplier Pirelli this Saturday in Abu Dhabi, has won the championship crown in the premier class seven times. He was 25 years and 315 days old when he won his first World Cup in 1994. Vettel, on the other hand, was just 23 years and 134 days - a record. Schumacher has taken pole position 68 times so far, Vettel has already made it 15 times, Schumacherwon 91 races, Vettel 10th to date.

Vettel: 'Ferrari still far away'

Michael Schumacher became an icon at Ferrari with five titles in a row, Vettel could do the same with the private team Red Bull by Dietrich Mateschitz succeed. The Scuderia is still far, far away, said Vettel. The Heppenheimer, who, in contrast to Schumacher, looks like a star to touch in his first and so far unprecedented career, wants to defend the title with Red Bull in 2011.

And when everything is finally in place with friend Schumacher and his Mercedes the course comes, it could come to a duel between the two German champions. Let's see who can congratulate whom in one year.


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