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Schumacher plans for 2011: Schumi wants to compete for race wins

Schumacher plans for 2011
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D he eighth world championship miracle remains the goal. In his second comeback season, Michael Schumacher only wants to shift into the next gear on the way back to the top. Since he is aware of the developments for the new year, 'I am confident that we will be able to fight for race wins a few times on our own in the coming year,' said Schumacher in an interview on his homepage on Wednesday (December 22nd)>

In 2010 Schumacher didn't get going

Exactly one year after signing the contract with MercedesGP, the almost 42-year-old also made it clear: 'The entire team, me - we're there, together Building something big, and the fact that it is not easy to build, makes the task so interesting, 'said Schumacher, who missed a podium last season and also fell short of his own expectations.

' But that means nothing more than that you have to fight for the things you want to achieve, and that has always been my credo, 'emphasized the seven-time world champion, who had 91 Grand Prix victories in his first career and dominated the premier class like no another pilot in front of him. The news of his new beginning after a three-year break at the Silver Arrows went around the world twelve months ago.

Afterwards, he was no longer able to make many positive headlines. Schumacher, once known for his fighting spirit, ticked off the season early. The 2010 record champion simply didn't get going with the Mercedes. 'But none of us is the type who then simply throws the gun in the grain - on the contrary, the way we are knitted, it spurs us on even more,' said Schumacher. In any case, he has not regretted his decision to make a comeback.

Schumacher is hoping for the new season

Preparations for the new car, which will not come before the official test drives in the The tires of the new Formula 1 partner Pirelli can be put through their paces next February, went well. 'Everyone is working at full speed for 2011,' said Schumacher. The entire team is also confident that the next season 'will bring us a good step forward'.

After all, Schumacher and his racing team rival Nico Rosberg want to fight for the title that their compatriot Sebastian has won this year Vettel in the last run in Abu Dhabi. 'That is still our goal, that canalso not be any different. Hey, we're Mercedes! ', Says Schumacher.' But this is a three-year project, and even if it would be clearly better if it could be done faster, we're talking about Formula 1, the absolute top of motorsport. '

Schumacher is already looking forward to the second year of his second career. 'Of course I'm looking forward to Christmas with my family, but I also notice that it is tingling again,' said the pilot, who will be his on January 3rd Celebrating 42nd birthday. We'll see what gifts he can give himself over the course of the season.


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