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Schumacher gets number three: start number lottery at Mercedes GP

Michael Schumacher
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M ichael Schumacher is hot again for Formula 1. He can't wait to finally step on the gas again in the premier class. The damaged neck is no longer an issue: 'I've been training very carefully since December and I really feel extremely fresh and fit. That was also one of the reasons why I felt so good in the car in Jerez,' he explained looking back on his GP2 test.

GP2 test not comparable to Formula 1

'Everything went better than I expected. I immediately felt comfortable in the race car again, so, like I've never been away. ' The first real test, however, will not come until February when he drives out the new Silver Arrow. 'Of course, Formula 1 is another number, the centrifugal forces are higher, that's not exactly comparable. That's why I'm looking forward to the tests in February - only then will the old feeling come back completely. I can do the tests hardly wait. '

The record champion does not see the long break after his resignation as a problem. On the contrary: 'It was extremely good for me to have had more rest for three years. It really is as if my batteries were fully charged. My energy is completely back. And I can really feel how it tingles inside me, how motivated I am to the tip of my hair because I'm so looking forward to the competition. It is time for the thing to start. '

Unique constellation for Schumacher

That's why Mercedes sports director Norbert Haug and team boss Ross Brawn didn't have to persuade the 41-year-old to make a comeback for long: 'The constellation that we have here is very unique - with Ross and his world championship team, with the know-how from Mercedes, with the best engine at the moment - and of course we want to use that. ' The Swiss by choice defines his goals as ambitious as usual: 'We want to win the world championship title. That is why we will fight from the start. That is also my personal claim.'

The personal claim of Michael Schumacher also includes them To be number one on the team. This should also be expressed numerically on the Silver Arrow in 2010. As the Bild-Zeitung reports, Ross Brawn left the starting number three to his old companion. Mercedes has since confirmed the story to auto motor und sport.

Schumi prefers odd numbers

'Ross knows that I prefer odd start numbers', will the seven-time world champion quoted. As number one at Ferrarialways adorned his red car with odd numbers. So far, the German has done well with this arithmetic. Seven titles speak a clear language.

The four does not seem quite as attractive to the superstitious Swiss citizen. A driver with this number on his car has never become world champion. However, the title has always been won by 'straight' pilots in the last three years. After Kimi Raikkonen (2007) with the number six, the lucky number was last called 22. Both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button took it to the title. According to the current starting list, a USF1 pilot will try to continue the series with the 22nd.

FIA approval is pending

According to Mercedes, Nico Rosberg has no problem with the exchange. Although he described his new team-mate as the best driver of all time, he still doesn't see himself as number two in the team. After Rosberg had decided to switch to Mercedes early in the season, he was actually intended for number three. Now the FIA ​​just has to agree and the exchange is perfect.


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