Schumacher expects Canada to win

Lucky number seven?
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M ichael Schumacher likes the number '7'. Not only because it is his starting number and he has the same number of World Cup trophies in his trophy cabinet. 'In the 700th Grand Prix in history, I became world champion for the seventh time,' says Schumacher. If that is not a good omen for the seventh race this season.

Michael Schumacher could be the seventh winner this year. He is also very popular with the competition. Both Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel believe that Schumacher's victory is only a matter of time. 'He's definitely one of those drivers who haven't won yet, but can still win.' Schumacher sees it that way too. 'I'm closer to victory than I've ever been since my comeback.'

Schumi puzzles over his own Canadian strength

In Montreal he knows his way around winning. Even after a six-year break, he will find his way to the podium in his sleep. The record champion has won the Canadian GP seven times. 'I don't know why I'm driving so well here,' he looks back with a smile. 'It's actually not my type of racetrack. My strength lies in fast corners, and there is none of that here.'

The stop-and-go course on the Ile de Notre Dame fits perfectly into the requirement profile of his Mercedes. 'Monte Carlo has already shown that we can be fast on this type of track.' The high temperatures announced for Sunday do not curb his optimism either: 'I think that we don't care how high the temperatures are now.'

Schumacher takes a streak of bad luck

Being quick isn't everything. The epidemic sticks to Michael Schumacher. Technical problems have already prevented a better result three times. The veteran takes it easy: 'I've been around too long to get upset about it. We're driving prototypes here. They won't be built in seven years, but in seven months. But they are incredibly reliable.' p>

In retrospect, it was even good that he wasn't on pole position in Monte Carlo, but only sixth on the grid. 'I would have failed either way. That would have been really annoying if I was in the lead.'

Schumi on the same level as Rosberg

Michael Schumacher sees himself in full swing this season Plan. Almost a little better than expected. 'I said before the season that it was too early for themWorld Championship. I have to correct that now. At least for Nico it is still possible. 'For Schumacher, the World Cup move probably left with two points.

The 91-time GP winner makes it clear that he could be there too, where Rosberg stands, luck would have been a bit more on his side. 'Someone calculated that I could even lead the World Cup if I had always crossed the finish line. I admit that's a bit too many ifs. But apart from China, I was always at Nico's speed. '


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