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Schmidt's F1 blog: What are Ferrari and Mercedes planning?

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A on April 6th we have Formula 1 - Bosses Chase Carey and Ross Brawn presented their vision of Formula 1 from 2021 to the 10 Formula 1 team bosses. Then a few lukewarm statements from the teams and the statement from Mercedes and Ferrari that they want to negotiate behind closed doors with Liberty.

It is completely clear why listed companies such as Ferrari, Mercedes or Renault have a public discussion about shy away from the subject. They would have to explain to their shareholders why they want to stick to a Formula 1 that costs them money instead of taking part in a racing series that could become a profit center for them. But they cannot. Therefore there is no official rejection from Mercedes and Ferrari.

To move into a precarious situation. Despite all the denials from Williams and Lawrence Stroll: We know that the idea of ​​a partnership based on the Ferrari and HaasF1 model was brought to Mercedes. Claire Williams and Paddy Lowe are still fighting for the independence of the racing team. The question is how much longer they can do it if the sporting downturn continues.

If a total of six teams reject the Liberty proposals, then the owners of Formula 1 will quickly find themselves without pants. Therefore, the F1 management now has to create clear relationships. Set a deadline for the ten teams! Then they have to decide whether to participate or not. According to the motto Eat or Die!

In this case, the teams that reject the plan would also have to show their colors. Which should not be so easy for them. Incidentally, this attack tactic would not be new. Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone have practiced it successfully for two decades.


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