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Schmidt's F1 blog: VW in Formula 1 with obstacles

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A ll every half year. The rumor that the VW group is getting into Formula 1 has haunted us for about 15 years. Ever since car manufacturers discovered Formula 1 for themselves. Almost everyone took part. Only VW, Audi or Porsche not. That is fueling speculation. Whenever something happens in the vicinity of the Volkswagen Group that only vaguely points to a Formula 1 connection, the world's second largest automobile manufacturer is practically at the door. So far, nothing has ever happened.

Piëch and Ecclestone with mutual dislike

The signing of Stefano Domenicali from Audi opened a new round in the VW-in-Formula 1 game. It is clear that the former Ferrari race director in the Services and Mobility department is not getting old. At some point Domenicali will have to do with motorsport in the group. Anyone who tells us otherwise makes a fool of himself. Domenicali may be working on a feasibility study for a Formula 1 entry of the group, as reported by the BBC. It won't be the first in the house. So far, all plans have failed. The group subsidiaries prefer to drive in Le Mans and the DTM.

A Formula 1 commitment has always failed because Ferdinand Piëch vetoed it. The gray eminence of the company doesn't want to race in a series that is managed by Bernie Ecclestone. The background to the dislike of the two old men was never made public. In any case, they have nothing to do with the recent Ecclestone trials. Allegedly, Piëch's grudge against Ecclestone was born in the mid-1970s. At that time, Ecclestone's Brabham team is said to have negotiated an engine contract with Porsche. Ecclestone set the conditions. What else? The Swabian carmakers didn't like that.

If then Porsche ...

Audi and So Porsches have to wait for Bernie Ecclestone to clear the field. Rumor has it that this could happen in the next two years. A second crucial point is the regulations. Where are you travelling to? Back to the V8 or the V6 biturbo with standard Kers like Red Bull drums? In that case, the thumb will go down in Wolfsburg.

But even if the current regulations with the development restrictions are updated, nobody at Volkswagen can press the start button. The rules discriminate against all engine manufacturers who join later. Because in theOver the years he has fewer and fewer opportunities to correct mistakes. The FIA ​​must first open the development window so wide that Formula 1 remains attractive for manufacturers.

Finally, the question still remains as to which of the Volkswagen family will be awarded the contract. My guess is Porsche. Because everything there was geared towards a possible Formula 1 involvement. The new factory, the new wind tunnel, the staff. Porsche is the only manufacturer to use Formula 1 technology at Le Mans. So two electric machines. One that is fed by kinetic energy, the other by the heat expansion in the exhaust tract. The only difference is the number of cylinders. But you can quickly turn four into six.


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